YES! I found my eyeliner!!!

Let my fingers do the talking...Last week when I was visiting my mom at the nursing home, I was a bit early for her dinner, so I decided to go to the local drug store and check out the make-up.  At my age, I CAN use all the help I can or perhaps it is all an illusion on my part…I think that black, blue or charcoal eyeliner makes my eyes “POP” and no one notices all my other aging features.  Oh, yeah??!! {Starting to wonder and get that confused scary look on my face.}  Well!! it works for me and the multi-million dollar corporations who sell the darn stuff, so there!…moving on along…

I went in there with the intention to purchase ONE eyeliner but a salesgirl…this bubbly, young, skinny {skinnier than Twiggy, so yeah, that’s skinny!…I should know, I used to be skinny back in the stone age} comes up to offer me help. “Bonjour, je peux vous aider?”  After I explain I need an eyeliner that goes on nice and smooth but stays on regardless of my teary eyes {ummm, yeah, the dry eyes are part of aging too…go figure…sheesh! But I can pretend I wear contact lenses with my drop dead gorgeous blue eyes, right?!}

So she shows me one brand that is just 6.99 (a steal!!) I should have taken that one and run out…but no, she keeps talking to me and moving demurely   effortlessly {not a term fitting for her…how can you be demure and that skinny and young?…dosesn’t demure mean Dorothy Lamoure  curvy look? Hmmm, will have to edit that and think of another word later.}  She brings me towards another section of VERY EXPENSIVE products. There are names I have never heard of and can’t even pronounce, so I guess they must be very hip since they are not even close to sounding like Revlon, Maybelline, Max Factor or Clinique (My brand).  Oh, boy, I thought to myself, she is going to con me into buying something…oh dear….not to worry, I straighten my shoulders to give that assertive stance…and pretend to listen to her spiel…

BUT SHE GOT ME AT,  “Seeeeee, try it….” As the pencil just so friggin glides real nice and smooth…and the colours!! Well, how can one choose??!!”  She continues, “If you purchase $25 or more of THIS product, which by the way is Pupa Milano (what a weird name…I wonder if it’s pronounced Poooop AHHH or Pup AH;  oh well, with the added Milano it does give it a bit of  sophistication, I suppose.  Hey, those advertisers must know something, right?

“….with that purchase, there is a promotion” {bad word bad word!!! Makes you believe you got a good deal, must have, must have situation!} “…of a new voluminous eyeliner with a nail polish of exotic colours and it is a great gift pack originally {another bad bad bad deceiving word} marked at $32.00 for FREE.”

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! She said the “FREE” word…I was a gonner.  So I bought 2 of those nice smooth eyeliners that came out to be $32.00 to get my FREE $32.00 mascara and nail polish and STILL purchased my original eyeliner at $6.99 brand Personnelle which is, by the way, excellent!!!…  “smooth and affordable” (the mantra for low budget peeps like me).

I felt a bit guilty as I always do for spending $$$ that I cannot afford but kept telling myself I really got it for free since the promotional package was worth the same thing …spent $32 to get another $32…okay…boy, it’s a good thing I don’t live in a big city where there are so many swift, crafty and devious people marketing their wares! But then again, I usually get caught in the smaller towns thinking these people are so much more honest and caring like me!!  Well, she was a good salespersons…good for her!!

That original black eyeliner was what I originally wanted and I was pleasantly surprised at how well it went on…I used it that evening to go to work after visiting my mom.  That was last week…I could never find the darn eyeliner afterwards.  I searched in every make up kit I could find  {I do have several…well, I have years and years of wisdom to cover!!}.  Every day for the past week I would look in purses, back packs, coat pockets {Oh, well, living in Quebec one MUST have several winter coats …so I do have many pockets to go through} and could not find it.

I kept closing my eyes and visualizing my putting it in the zippered pocket on the inside of my HUGE black purse.  Then I emptied the contents of said purse AGAIN for the 20th time, on the floor.  Nothing!:(  then I placed my hand on the inside and smoothed my hand on the lining to feel for something…a bump or something and VOILÀ!!! I felt the form of a pencil inside the lining of my purse.  There must have been a wee hole in the zippered section…YES!!  And I found my eyeliner!!  made up eyes

So don`t give up, readers, when you are searching for something not too big, not too small, but small enough to slip through a tiny opening in the lining of a coat pocket or purse…you just may find something you have searched for a long time…happy treasure hunt.

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