Life IS beautiful!

195_21715380229_2529_nDo you believe in rebirth? Do you believe in changing that mindset…just a little?  I do and it actually can happen…and not always with hours and hours of therapy or 10,001 articles read, courses or self-help books…it just takes “openness”.  Oh boy, how oversimplified is that?!
But basically all it takes is an open mind…that can turn things beautiful in your life.

The skeptical are probably sneering at this and most have already gone on to the next blog to read…so be it…timing is everything and I can certainly respect that.  But being open is not something you can do at will. Well, I don’t really think so.

I have said many many times how human interactions, however little {like waiting in line at a bank or on a bus ride somewhere…) the chance meetings and talking with someone CAN change you in so many ways.  Some of those chance intercourses make you think for days and days.  Some may awaken some deep hidden thought that never made sense 101 months ago but now it seems to actually flow. “Yeah,” you say to yourself, “What ever happened to my wanting to ……………? Gee, I really had that in me all this time!”  So what actually happened?  An idea, a thought an enlightenment simmered for days, weeks, months and yes, many times for years.  And when that mind “opens” up just at that moment when interacting with that stranger, that teacher, that friend, that colleague, that new acquaintance, that relative…or that new found lover…hey, it can come from anywhere but if you are at that place with that “someone” who comments on something that can trigger that old hidden thought of yours…it WILL resurface and this time…actually make sense…”it will finally CLICK!”

If you are still with me, hanging on and wondering what that thought was…um, I am not sure that is what the point is. Is it?  It can be a long standing perception I have had on myself vis-à-vis life in general or a particular incident. It can be my thinking I have moved on in regards to a few situations but my occasional commenting or “ranting” proves I am still stuck.   Then an amazing soul embodied with wisdom makes a very brief comment and voilà!  That old idea shakes the dust off itself and rises to the surface of your conscious.

That is what happened to me last night or this morning actually since it was passed midnight and no, I had not turned into a pumpkin!  Being a night person, I do my best simmering and cooking in the wee hours of the night.  It is like the cobwebs have disappeared in my mind and I can hear and see vividly {not sure that is termed correctly but it just feels right for this particular experience}.

I was talking about an age old situation in passing (but yet, it is never in passing, is it? Those nonchalant fleeting comments, those sighs afterwards and then changing the subject.  It is more like just pretending that big fat honking elephant is not there.}  And then my friend made a brief comment, “But that’s in the past, right?”  BAM! It hit me!

At first I felt embarrassed because I hate talking about old stuff that cannot be changed and here I was bringing up some of it. Part of it was to explain myself…a huge part of me is ashamed and angry at ME for not being able to muddle through a problem better.  Yes, there are reasons I got stuck and struggled but the resentment and shame I feel is towards myself because I have been feeling for a long time that I have not measured up to my full potential.  I am upset with myself for not pushing more forward and NOT giving in to life’s challenges that can drag me down.  Oh, I knew all of this intellectually but it never connected with my heart and soul.  I try to explain this to clients that it can take a long time to process some information and ideas before it hits home…your heart and soul…and when it does, your mindset does a reboot.  That’s it!! When there is a reboot, lots of the useless and toxic junk decomposes…NICE!

Ok, so here I am today and relishing in this new mindset and visualizing this kind soul’s face…no cropped-girl-blue-larger.gifjudgement but compassion that uttered a few words…but this time it connected to the core of my whole being.   Some people call it an “aha” moment… this is slightly more as it is the enlightenment that neutralized that negative stance I held on to and now I feel liberated by my open mind…lovely!

                                              © Cheryl-Lynn Roberts, March 31, 2013

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