Update on Street Art

Photo 1 -This was not for the graffiti but really for the lush greenery on this building about 5 blocks from my work.

Photo 2 – This is on a warehouse on a building on de rue de Gaspé like the following one.

Photo 3 – Above is one of many graffitis that were created during the night this passed summer on de Gaspé near Fairmont where I work.

Photo 4 – This is a painting that was surely commissioned on the side of a restaurant on St-Viateur near avenue du Parc; it is the background I chose for my website Stop the Stigma.  Isn`t it magnificient?

Photo 5 – I took several shots of this one; I have been admiring it for months when waiting at the red light on the corner of St Laurent and avenue du Pin;  Well, one day I got fed up and walked down St Laurent and took many photos of street art. There were so many, the sun was setting and I have to return another day.

This photo is the background of this website I just added this.  I may add other street art as backgrounds from time to time.  I just love the personality the artist gave this lovely old lady. Don`t you?

© Cheryl-Lynn Roberts, Oct. 2013


street art 1 Mile End 2013






Street art 2






8 thoughts on “Update on Street Art”

    1. Yes for months I have admired her from my car but cars were always in the way and too much traffic. I am pleased of this one so much so, I may keep it as my web background for quite some time. Some graffitis you have to hurry to shoot them before they get all messed up with signatures of other gangs.


    1. Oh yes that one I saw for over a year driving by but could never take it at the light…so I walked from work …not sure how many miles and snapped snapped my way …there are so many other places I need to discover. the tall sexy woman and the pregnant one are on the street near my work on restaurant buildings.


      1. Bet it was a great walk! I don’t have any near me. I discover them in my travels and do he ‘mad’ pull over to photograph them:)


  1. It was a great walk…I walked so slowly and further than I should have because I kept seeing more and more and then the sun was setting…it took me over 2 hours to walk to my bus home. I was wiped for a week but well worth it.


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