Can’t wait ’til I see you!


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Can’t wait ‘til I see you!


Rushing and shoveling and shopping too

will I ever get there in time for you?

I’m counting the days, the nights too

can’t wait ‘til Christmas Eve when I’ll see you.


I’m cleaning, sorting and dusting too

Want my home to look nice for all of you

I’ll make Grand-Maman’s dressing that tastes so fine

and also candied yams prepared with you in mind.


If ever you try to make the same some day

remember I have a secret that comes to play

it may seem a mystery for you anyway

it’s simple really,  I have to say

just whisper some loving over your food and see

it will turn any cooking into a delicacy.





me sideways© Cheryl-Lynn Roberts, December 21, 2013




6 thoughts on “Can’t wait ’til I see you!

      • If you have any children or nieces or nephews I’ve learned that they’re pretty good help. My siblings are always asking the eldest of the nieces and nephews to help clean.


      • Yes, that was great when they were little…haha…they are in their 30’s now and nephews older. My grandson is 9! But staying at his grandfather right now.I did delegate some heavy lifting (soda, beer et)and my son is making humus:)


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