Slumber’s Guest


Can’t wait to get to sleep
dream, dream and unwind
this time when I wake up
will look forward, try to find
in the middle of the night
I won’t reach for my phone
checking time left for rest
rather write down a few words
try recalling at my best
conjure up from my dreams
slumber’s much delightful guest,
stories telling what I deem
excellent stories…fantasies
just amazing tales to keep
every night in my sleep…

Yep, can’t wait to slip away
and see the stories unfold
all night long imagining
stories needing to be told.

I adore some of my dreams
love to wander, float away…
on a dreamlike getaway
like a nomad that will stray
journeys most internally
learning more just how …to be,
letting go finally
finding space to just… BE.

© Cheryl-Lynn, 2014/01/31

5 thoughts on “Slumber’s Guest

  1. Dreams can be so revealing and sometimes a lesson. I recently had a dream in which my dad was here and said he had to go, and off he went. I then remembered I had something to tell him. I ran out and up our driveway only to see him driving off in a bus. My dad died in 2012, and I think the dream was reminding me he was gone from my life no matter what urgent message it was i had to tell him for I am often finding myself caught with thought of telling dad something I hear about, read or whatever. I think it is lovely that you look forward to dreams, and that you can recall them. Only a few I can recall, mostly the ones that had a message for me.


    • Thanks for your comments, Michael. I find that some nights the dreams keep me too busy, I feel like I did not sleep. Then I realize I am catching up on REM sleep…much needed to keep our sanity, I am afraid.


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