Tired surrender

Photo credits: Self-Care

Tired surrender

Times you may feel
you care a great deal
wish you could help more
suffering, pain and sore
spirits and hearts
make you sometimes
want to fall apart.
Days, turn into weeks,
time just seems to drag
on and on and on.
You start to get edgy
can’t seem to sleep every night
you have nightmares that might
keep you up, they’re too scary;
You start to forget, become wary
it’s harder and harder to focus
impatience starts to follow suit
and soon you realize it’s that time…
You need to take some time for you,
you need to surrender yourself,
to self-care, wellness to restore
your mental well-being.
Surrender your mind and soul,
pamper yourself, your body whole,
massages, bubble baths,
allow friends to treat you
refrain from resisting support
take back your “self”
regain your mental
and physical whole SELF
you’re tired now…
Surrender…tired surrender…
Open yourself to soothing,
restoring, healing your SELF!

© Cheryl-Lynn, 2014/02/12

Prompt #42 Tired Surrender

7 thoughts on “Tired surrender”

    1. Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it:) this is a month where many need to be reminded (myself as well) to take care of oneself. May even take the day off today:)


  1. This is really a beautiful poem…I must say that rarely does a this sort of poem attract me, but you’ve handled this rather welland full of great ideas too! 🙂


    1. Considering I pulled an all nighter…I am quite pleased too…I went more with surrender as my guiding word and the rest fell into place. Thanks so much for your comments, Georgia. You have been very busy this past 2 days I see…:)


      1. Now, I think you should run the hot bubble bath! In a way I’m always usy…funny how one person can often keep you on your toes 🙂


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