Acts of kindness (Undercover Boss)

I am not sure where to post this.  I thought of posting under Compassion on Stop the Stigma but will settle here under Cher sharing.   This  is merely a brief comment about a television show.  The show is about compassion. Yep, that’s what I saw on the show…compassion (kindness).   I don’t care to know if it is a money guzzler show…puleeze don’t burst my naïve bubble. Okay?  I saw this show twice and I saw acts of kindness…so if you need to comment, be nice. If you don’t agree, BE NICE, if you find this silly, BE NICE…thank you.

Undercover Boss

I watched this a few weeks ago when my son was over. He had to leave before the end…boy, he never warned me about this show. Tonight I happened to have the t.v. on that channel after I`d watched The Big Bang Theory (my mood fixer). Well, I have to say that show is not one I have ever looked out for on purpose…but golly!! What a tear-jerker it is!! What an amazing show!  The idea of helping out genuine kind, hard-working people is very moving.

I realize I am many years late but hey, I usually steer away from any reality shows. Undercover is a franchise television series created by Stephen Lambert and produced in many countries; the first UK and now it has many countries

Enough said…check it out…don`t forget a box of tissue.

Postscript:  For the record I’ve only see 2 shows on the U.S. t.v. series.

© Cheryl-Lynn 2014/02/14

3 thoughts on “Acts of kindness (Undercover Boss)

  1. Random acts of kindness and things like that always tug at the heartstrings. They are wonderful to see, sometimes spontaneous. My cousin was once the recipient of a back yard makeover as she had six kids and was a single mum. All filmed for the TV made a great show.


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