Teachers’ Appreciation Day

me sidewaysI am a bit late in submitting this and I have only listlessness to blame. First day of my long awaited vacation I am spending NOT on balconville but pretty much close to le balcon. 

This is humbly written (because I don’t write as many real poets I know) but it is from the heart.  If it were not for some amazing teachers I had growing up, I may have slipped between the cracks. I do appreciate this difficult vocation because I do believe that it is a vocation for good teachers who go beyond their mandate. And yes, many do. I only worked 5 years teaching a very easy course and could not believe the work involved to keep courses alive and students engaged but that is what you need to do…keep them engaged.

I am sure you all can remember a teacher or two (I’ve had more) that inspired you and mostly that believed in you. So here are my thoughts…

Dear Teacher,
without your guidance I’d not be
here writing any form of poetry.
You taught me my ABC`s
and how to write with ease
entrenched a love of word
my nose so often in a book
I did not know I could afford
to have become so hooked.
Arithmetic, geography,
literature and history
opened my mind to the world
except for algebra and geometry
I did not seem to catch on fast
until university
where a humble math professor
with immense serenity
unassuming and patient…
a quality math teachers
could benefit in the future…(hint)
I breezed through with an A minus!
I learned much more from you, Teacher
but it was still sown in academia
whether you were French or Latin teacher,
Physical Education or Drama..
you inspired and moved me to awe
encouragement and self-worth
filled me with determination
stirred such an inspiration
and allowed me to believe
in me… and not give up
you sealed my fate
a long time ago
today …I can`t seem to satiate
my thirst and hunger for truth…
knowledge and understanding
of life by examining, exploring,
investigating, discovering
realities about humanity
probing with curiosity.
Dear Teacher,
many years ago
you lit a flame
that`s still aglow .
So on this Teacher`s appreciation Day
I thank you all for filling minds
and mostly rousing souls…
stirring them to reach their goals.
Thank you evermore.
© Cheryl-Lynn 2014/02/14
PostScript: I just noticed a prompt at The Seeker’s Dungeon and I think this would qualify as a good contribution as well to who has inspired me to be the person I am today.

15 thoughts on “Teachers’ Appreciation Day

  1. Great teachers Cher are worth their weight in gold. How good that you can now remember them with such affection and gratitude. They are not all world beaters but most I think do their best. I have some good teachers and a few dodgy ones. I would hope I made up for it in my own teaching career. Have a good holiday.


  2. Oh sweet friend! I love this and your photo is so lovely! You are rockin’ Hugs! So so true! I have 4 teachers/mentors and each stage caused me to blossom a little more! Beautiful! 🙂


    • Thank you Michelle Marie for your kind words. Hope you enjoy your weekend…we will be pretty much snowed in which is fine by me…I need to catch up on beauty sleep for a few days before enjoying my time off. Hugs, cl


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  4. Nothing like a good teacher, engaged teacher, I can still remember their lessons 30 years removed. Nice one.


  5. I really enjoyed your poem. It reminded me of an incredible history teacher who was so incredible that my ex-husband, my son and myself all took a class from him, many years apart. He not only made history come alive, but he also knew the name of all 50 students in his class after just one meeting.


    • Thank you, Karuna, for your kind words. What an amazing teacher he was!! Growing up in my youth, there were no counsellors and youth protection was quite pitiful…it is amazing teachers and parents of friends that turned the lives of many youths in the 60’s. Even today, I tell youths who call our crisis line to think of a teacher they truly trust to talk to…often the teacher can be a bridge to their healing.


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