Sludge the grudge

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Bitterness and loathing

clung to her every fibre

he broke her heart

she played the part

of victim, and a martyr.

the sighing and the heaving

was part of her own grieving,

her daughters saw her sing

the same song every single year

melancholy, they did hear.

the sadness and the guilt

clung to them like a lilt

they felt her pain

yet all in vain

not theirs for them to feign.

Eventually her heart

was about to come apart

and surgeries and medicine

could never heal her heart

and years went by still grudging

depression stayed with her

until she lost her mind.

So many years of loathing

this grudge one of a kind;

you never win

with such a sin


and such bitterness

will suck your life away.

so if you find benevolence

forgiveness and compassion

do please allow this kindness

to heal and give relief

for rancor and such bitterness

will only cause you grief.

© Cheryl-Lynn, 2014/03/11 Written for: Mindlovemisery, Prompt 46, Bitter Loathing

8 thoughts on “Sludge the grudge”

  1. You have explored the prompt very well Cher, there is a clear sense of the consequences of holding such bitterness and yes it will suck away your life. Well done.


  2. The words are heavy but the cadence light, an interesting mix. Makes it accessible. Bitterness is something that I tend to make easy friends with but am always trying to chase away, as it’s one of those evil buddies always trying to drag you down.


  3. So true Cheryl-Lynn holding on to bitterness destroys you from the inside out and that poison seems to spread as well. My grandmother had a severe undiagnosed mood disorder and her children had more or less given up on her aside from my mother. So all my grandmother’s grandchildren except me were hostile towards her even though she had never really been unkind to them. Even after she was treated and her behavior improved tremendously (she was very sweet after treatment) they would not come round, they did not even visit on her deathbed. My mother forgave her and they had a wonderful relationship toward the end.


    1. Thanks, Yves, for sharing this. It is nice to see your mother had compassion as your grandmother had mental health issues to contend with as well. Sounds like you caught that compassion from your mom too:) blessings


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