Photo shopped by Michelle Marie at Tell me About It

Photo shopped by Michelle Marie at Tell me About It

A daisy for my birthday

a bunch for an entire year

I’ m happy either way

this gift they gave me here,

colours popping I love you

whispering forget me not

I’m grateful for all they do

and so I’m saying Thank you!

© Cheryl-Lynn, 2014/03/21

Photo edited by Michelle Marie at Tell Me About It Thank you, Michelle Marie 😀

I was blessed with a lovely bouquet of flowers for my birthday last week from my daughter and grandson and a yummy brunch.

10 thoughts on “Daisies

  1. Aren’t they just great? Simple gifts, I mean. But I wouldn’t be myself if i didn’t notice Mr. Klimt. And I wouldn’t be ocd enough if i didn’t think ‘how stupid would I seem if I go with ‘Happy Birthday’ a week too late?


    • Haha…thank you, my dear!! Mr. Klimt’s colours go so well with the daisies AND if you can look real close, the vase is a gift made in Spain of a Klimt series…cool eh? Thank you so much for noticing those details I put in that order on purpose …of course my feline bff imposed herself as she always does …that’s okay,I love her to death.


      • I am a horrible guest, yes. I look at things, never touch, though. Two years ago I didn’t care for paintings, I guess now I’m more responsive. But nothing beats my no 1 idiotic conversation with a fellow art historian after my first visit to National gallery in London. “Uhm… yeah… I didn’t notice Caravaggio”… Ugh


      • ahahaha…I am so ignorant in art …my aunt is an artist and on my other blog, I have one of her paintings as my profile pic. She tries real hard not to influence folks who look at her art. If they ask, What is that supposed to be…she says, What do you see? and the magic begins. Isnt she amazing? I fell in love with Klimt ONLY because I saw a Julia Robers Movie and the main character loved Klimt and was teached Julia about Klimpt’s obsession with that red head:)


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