Love is…

me as a child 

Children are unique
in their own special way
genuine, innocent
loving, rarely doubting yours,
assuming and expectant
walking with a purpose
head up high
asking “Why?”

adults comment
may offend,
criticize with slight
or no intent
but cause them
makes them question
their self worth,
turns their life
from grief to mirth
roller coaster
rides begin
games are played
don’t always win,
grieving, growing
stumbling, laughing
learning rules
avoiding fools
make them wiser
make them stronger,
they’ll find romance,
promise and commitment
never-ending love
soul mates are for life
two turn into one,
in the end,
having children…
cycle spins again
love ensues
power fuels
everlasting love.

© Cheryl-Lynn 2014/03/22

This week’s prompt is:   What Does Love Look Like?   Check out other creative offerings at    Dungeon Prompts – Season 2, Week 12: What Does Love Look Like?

27 thoughts on “Love is…

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    • Ah, thank you, Sreejit. It was a prompt that made me ponder …was not sure I was going to do it…then my muse tapped me on the shoulder and said, “let’s do it.” 😀


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