Celestial brush strokes

I certainly never hide the fact
that I love to take many photos of the sky…
cloudy, sunny and especially sunsets.
Fortunately, I am able
to see amazing sunsets on our rooftop
at work in the milder weather….
so soon I will be able to capture
those hues of magenta, orange and
purplish blues mixed in the horizon.
But my photos are very amateur;
not having proper equipment, I feel
I can never capture the beauty
that this blogger/photographer does,
nor do I have her talent.
And that is why artists need admirers
and viewers as I enjoy to look
with regard, appreciation and admiration.

The first image I saw when I woke up this morning was this beautiful masterpiece that nature creates day after day but only a few select eyes can capture and actually share with the world.

This is one of them.

Check out Michelle Marie’s blog at Tell Me About It 
to see the endless images she creates and
the lovely words of inspiration she adds in her poetry.





Their spirits unite


readying for night-


this moment

so serene

cascades in between




celestial beings


their brushes…





and admire,


that does caress

our skyline

with finesse,


here, there…

with endless

enduring wear…

Now shush!

hear the chorale

breathing life






and sublime

now hush!

hear my heart-

beat, rush

as I see this

vision of

divine bliss

a masterpiece

melts in the horizon.

© Cheryl-Lynn, 2014/04/05

All rights reserved for poems and photography. If you are interested in sharing or knowing more about this photo, please contact the original artist/photographer Michelle Marie.

Thank you, Michelle Marie, for giving me permission to display and share your masterpiece here you had originally given as an offering to Belinda







9 thoughts on “Celestial brush strokes”

    1. Thank you for dropping by, I hope you get to see other amazing photos at MichelleMarie’s blog. But this one, well, truly did look like brush strokes.


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