Margueritte (shadorma)

Rock Garden



enfin tu fleuris

en vigueur

en beauté

s’étirant le cou au ciel

parmi toutes ces roches.


© Cheryl-Lynn 2014/04/05


Oh Daisy!

at last, you’ve blossomed

in splendour

and in strength

stretching your neck to the sky

among all these rocks

Written for: MindLoveMiseryMisery – Shadorma Prompt #2

21 thoughts on “Margueritte (shadorma)”

    1. Le français est excellent!! je suis vraiment touchée que tu le tentes ici. You would be loved by all francophones if ever you visit Montreal…just trying warms their hearts:) Thanks so much, Michael, you are a dear 🙂


      1. The translator is good to get a gist of what was said and what you want to convey but you do have to know the language at least a bit. I am always afraid to chance Italian or Spanish unless I dig out my old books…there is still such a thing as dangerous Italian or any other language with one word spelled wrong. Like my mother (French) who admired a seal coat of her customer years ago …Oh I love your f……ing coat …meaning Phoque (the seal).


      2. Lol….yes I know what you mean. I do know I have been caught out trying yo be a smart arse with translation. My French is about as good as Paris, Eiffel Tower champagne…..good huh?


      3. Montreal is quite bilingual actually…just wait for the elections to be over this Monday (some folks get a bit extreme..hehe) Since 1974 I have never voted FOR always had to vote against…I hate that.


  1. Je t’adore et c’est magnifique ton poème, elle est trèsjolie … and my written French is lousy ;-( … so next time I use the translator…but this poem is fantastic…I love it!


    1. Non non…ton français est parfait!!…squeeze in an English or Italian word is fine too:) I was raised and raised my kids the same way…we speak le franglais :)I wrote this last night but forgot to add it as I went to my son’s for supper. Had a nice evening too:)


      1. Nice evenings are better than posting! Besides there’s always time! 😉 Thanks…when my eldest were little poor dears spoke Italian/French/English all together what a mess!


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