The message I am selling

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What am I selling? Well, when I first started my blog Stop the Stigma it was to get on my soapbox and bitch about stuff. You know, those who used politically incorrect words to identify people with special needs and people with any kind of mental health condition. I had followed a few blogs on various topics and the first one that stirred me to start this was Herding Cats.

I am not an expert but yes, I am an advocate and realized Stigma went a long way and I wanted to also talk about racism, bullying, sexism, homophobia and any label we put on anyone to discriminate them. And whether it is intentional or not…it is still NOT okay.

We often talk about the misunderstanding of mental health because we do not see it but there is also the misinterpretation of chronic pain. There are so many physical ailments and conditions that cause pain to people at various degrees. Unfortunately, these people are often misjudged or have little or no sympathy because no one can see scars or physical proof of the debilitating condition. So that too is included in this blog. And this latter item has touched me for suffering myself, with chronic pain, I feel supported here. I also admire these heroes that suffer so much more than me and share positive posts of support and encouragement to their readers.

If I were to choose a word of what I am selling, I guess it is awareness…creating an awareness on such issues that are important. I often read in comments, “Gee, I had not thought about that.” That is my bonus.

I never realized that I had joined a community that was so caring and the interests varied so much. Poets, writers would comment here and there and that gave me a glimpse on other possibilities to write. So that is when I started my other blog, Cher Shares. This was a place to express myself in writing with narratives and poems. I learned and am still learning from amazing and generous creative writers here to improve on what I do have a passion…writing. Thanks to interesting blogs that offer prompts to tickle my muse, I have produced more. What am I selling at Cher Shares? Nothing, really, I am just sharing with friends and WordPress friends my thoughts in stories and poetry.

I love to talk about things
that are close to me,
mean something to me,
and that is my message
at Stop The Stigma;
I enjoy writing
in prose and poetry
sharing my humble narratives
with WordPress relatives
at my blog, Cher Shares.


© Cheryl-Lynn 2014/04/24

Submitted for: The Dungeon Prompts, Season 2, Week 17.  The message we are selling  

18 thoughts on “The message I am selling”

  1. Awareness is a noble agenda, as we are all stuck in our little worlds and could use the eyes of others to help broaden it a bit. I haven’t really thought about my agenda yet, but maybe it is more self awareness… I don’t know I have to give it some thought. I started this prompt because some students at the university we run here had asked my help in writing lyrics about media writing blatantly false stories, as every paper here has a political or religious allegiance. So I was already in the mindset of propaganda, but then I thought everything is some form of propaganda, not necessarily bad, as it creates “awareness.”


  2. Wow! Well said. You are so right there are so many ailments that cause mental pain and physical. You are amazing! I love what you have written here. Now I need to go check out the rest! 🙂


    1. Thanks so much, my friend. Your poems and especially your lovely photos bring much joy to me and surely to your readers. Maybe you give it a shot at what you are selling by participating on this prompt. You bring much positive energy is what I feel. Blessings xx


      1. I always follow this prompt and a few others but this one is like a “must do” for me since last summer of 2013. Go to the link and read through the information and quotes Sreejit gives to readers to think about and write what you like in poetry, prose, in a fictional story, in photography…use what you like. I suggest you click on Prompts on the tab above and look at other prompts and offerings to give you an idea or check on my “other” blog (wink wink} under the category DungeonPrompts and see what I have written. I follow it religiously on my other blog as I can dig deeper and share there.


  3. I remember when I first was experiencing chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms, I asked to be tested for it. The doctor wouldn’t do it, saying the test was too expensive. (In those days they thought the problem was in our heads rather than being a physical disease). I was missing so much work though that the Director of Nursing demanded that he run the test. I still remember the phone call, the one when he said, “I don’t know how you knew, but you are right.”


    1. I waited 10 years to tell anyone because it was so unknown…started as Chronic Fatigue and that was a secret, then developed into FMS and that too…we called it depression so the insurance could give me a few months rest. After seeing specialists in Toronto far away from home, I accepted it and had great doctors and therapists until I moved back here. But at least I know healthier regimens to alleviate symptoms and NOW I speak out about invisible and unrecognized physical and mental health conditions. Thanks so much for sharing, Karuna.


  4. Cheryl-Lynn, you bring so much light and encouragement – you simply present who you are and what you have experienced in a loving way. You make a huge difference. No selling, just transparency. That is your attraction. Bless you.


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