Split second escapes (haiga)

Soul Sisters © CLR 2013
Soul Sisters
© CLR 2013



nature, green beckons
childish fun.


Clicking on the menu
to start a new contact,
the story will ensue
we form a first contract
I listen and care too,
sometimes it gets sad
need to find a bit of glad
to maintain my strength,
then, my heart fills
with feel-good thrills…
soak up a fond venue
screen portrays this view…

Two soul sisters
in more ways than one,
resting on the stairs
soaking up the sun;
just seconds before,
they make a dash for
a game of
Tag! you`re It!
and Catch me if you Can!
a little friendly wrestle
growling in their
rounds of muscle
all in sisterly
canine fun.

© Cheryl-Lynn, 2014/05/30

Submitted for: PookyPoetry Prompt #30 – Screensaver. I often alternate with a screensaver at work from family photos of my mom and me, my grandson, my children, lovely street photos I took or loving pets. These are two sisters my son owns, taken on the back steps of his Rougemont home. I call these split second escapes when counselling on the phone to maintain a strong, comforting and engaging stance.

7 thoughts on “Split second escapes (haiga)”

  1. Oh they are just lovely and what a great picture to cheer you up at any moment it might be needed. I love he idea of dogs who are soul sisters 🙂


      1. Oh how lovely. I have two cats (who I consider my kittens but thinking about it they must be about 9) who were sisters from the same litter. They are similar in many ways and the best of friends but one is tabby and one is black and white so it’s somewhat hard to imagine how they were part of the same litter!


      2. Awesome! My son’s must have been bred with a golden retriever and a German shepherd. And the mildest and shyest is the GermSh…Heidi ; Maya pushes her aside for attention. I babysit them 3 to 5 days in summer when my son goes away.


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