17 thoughts on “Fraicheur (haiga)

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      • Ah, Google translated it to ‘peaceful’.
        ‘peaceful dusk allows…’

        perhaps with the corrected definition this might be a better fit (I shall add it to my post):

        steaming dusk along
        with salt from the ocean
        cook her summer sleep



      • Your translation is just fine, I was only referring to the first haiku when you refer to “burnt” body …it was flushed, hot or feverish..just helping you understand the nuance of the word Brulant…it literally means a burning body…so flushed or hot would have fit nicely, I think:)


      • Nuance is everything, well almost everything in poetry 🙂

        Thanks, Jules

        So much for a nap, going exploring since hubby came home… We are west coast folks sort of visiting the east coast. Well he’s working most of the time, and me I’m chill’axin’ 🙂


      • Normally, well once I get home – I’m in SE, PA.
        Not near the coast, but I’ve got a creek that borders my back yard. We probably have similar bird-friends.

        I’m still on PA time which is about 11:30pm thought it is only 8:30pm now. So I am fading fast.

        We did go to the ‘mountain’ and up one of the lesser slopes. Just enough to see the road but not clear as to just where the hotel is. Might not be close enough to the actual park as part of the mountain range is a cattle ranch. So I am tuckered out now! 🙂


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