The Almost Full Moon (haiga)

I am a slow learner. I bought my Canon power shot digital camera when my grandson was born almost 10 years ago. I still don’t use it to its fullest capacity. My smart phone, I changed from a Blackberry Torch a year and half ago for a Samsung Note and this week I discovered (yes, I am slow) the various “scene modes” like sunset, dawn, night, candle…sheesh!! all this to say, I am going ballistics taking photos at night…last night was the first time taking pics of the moon hiding behind the clouds, tonight it is almost FULL, June 12th is the actual date.  And as I was crossing the bridge to get home, I got some shots of the river and the moon’s reflection…but could not get both together…the moon was too far up and I was just sitting too close to the river on the bus.  Oh, well. So the photos I am showing are my first night and “moon” shots. They are not perfect but I enjoyed taking them.




Taken Monday night after work, June 9th




The above photo and all the others were taken tonight June 10th, Tuesday. This is on the walk from work to the Métro.



Same walk a few streets away…I took a few other dark streets so I would not have the street lights interfering with the shots. I like this one. It would be a great photo for a short story.


Another one taken tonight.



Now I am on the bus and I was so happy to have a window seat and I was sitting on the right side of the bus to take a few shots over the river. Pretty cool, eh? You can even see the freight bridge in the distance.

Moonlight in the sky
river echoes with moonbeams
Mother Nature shines


© CLR June 9-10 2014

I really love this one although I could not fit in the moon too.  You can actually see a small boat in the distance too. And that reflection, well, I find it pretty darn cool.  Not bad for a smart phone eh?


© Cheryl-Lynn, June 11, 2014


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