Think Pink

© clr 2014
© clr 2014

A little wink of pink


© clr 2014
© clr 2014

Pink is bright

it seems to smile

catch the light

and all the while

dispels vigour

it seems to me

although I’m blue

all the way through

Michelle Marie

and lots of  friends

do love their pink

so here I wink

an ode for them

who love  to sink

in love and joy

with  brilliant pink.

© Cheryl-Lynn 2014/06/14

31 thoughts on “Think Pink”

      1. Ah I was just about to go out and the rain started pouring!! so I shall wait a bit…but may just have a nap with that lovely lullaby.


  1. Hey there sweet friend! It’s me MichelleMarie and I see your PINK! I happened to log on just about the time I saw you post these beautiful beautiful photos. As you know PINK is more about the color it’s about thinking good thoughts and I know life can be blue and sad but PINK cheers me up and puts a smile on my face and I so love that you posted this for MichelleMarie that’s me! Yay! I have to reblog these as you know! Cause I caught you being PINK when you are BLUE. Awh and that makes me want to give you a big PINK hug and maybe even some glitter!!! I love this Cheryl-Lynn!


      1. I am truthful! I think so much of you and love your sweet heart and spirit! Your writing amazes me and your tender heart for mental health is very close to my heart and hits home as you know! 😀 ❤ You are amazing! MM


  2. I love the cascading flowers! Wow these make me smile just looking at them. Thank you for them. Now they are on PINK! I hope you are smiling too! You and JM are rocking the PINK today! 😀


      1. Cheryl thank you so much! I love that you think and thought that about me. I love you sweet friend! You have deeply touched my heart! 😀 ❤ MM


      1. Thanks… Two of my four adult kids are far away:( And it’s my first day back to work… Oh what fun:)


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