18 thoughts on “Haiku Horizons: Open”

      1. yes i get broody sometimes, with my chronic pain issues that really scares me the thought of being pregnant like this, besides im way past that stage now…coughs


      2. Ah yes…I got that when my youngest was 5 and in Kindergarten…lasted 6 months and I went to college and worked part time to pay for expenses:)


    1. I do too, the first was just working up to that one:) Thanks for reading. I’m late in responding as your comment went to my spam file…oooops…WP does that sometimes.


  1. Sometimes just holding that small one – as a grandmother I get to do that again… sleeping children to me seem lighter. Perhaps when they are relaxed so are we?

    FYI: With ‘B’ I review all comments – so If it is OK with you I’ll only post the one as I figured out you basically tried the same thing twice. (via Ntouch)


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