Strawberry (haiga) Carpe Dieme Haiku Kai #501

At Carpe Dieme Haiku Kai, Challenge #501 Strawberry,  Kristjaan has written an extensive post on haiku on strawberry and more importantly on the reference to Strawberry Fields Forever and the Beatles.  Illustrations, music video and ending with a lovely song that we all remember John Lennon singing “Imagine”.  With this theme in mind, here is my humble contribution.


straw hat and sunscreen

squatting under bushes

picking strawberries.

children giggling

sunburned without a care

red smeared faces.


big pot of redness

controlled temperatures making

strawberry jam.

desert delight

angel food cake, whipped cream

fresh picked strawberries.

summer nights

they dance under the stars

sip strawberry wine

© Tournesol’15

Isle d’Orléans – Berry picking


à l’Isle d’Orléans

les corbeilles se replissent

c’est l’temps des fraises

cueillette estival

sous le soleil brulant

fraises juteuses

imagine a world

pure air, open minds

love all around.

imagine a world

communicating love

and peace.


© Tournesol originally written  2014/06/29

Deana Carter – Strawberry Wine

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai

23 thoughts on “Strawberry (haiga) Carpe Dieme Haiku Kai #501

  1. Strawberry fields? where is Peter Gabriel’s Solsbury Hill. Climbing up on Solsbury Hill, I could the light , time stood still…


    • Well that is the way we con the children to come…they can eat all they want while picking…two for the bucket, 3 for the mouth {grins}


  2. Wonderfully done and liked the song, I’d never heard her sing! Strawberry time is my favorite time … happy picking!


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