Butterflies in the garden (haiga) CP #498

Toronto Photographer:  Sara Desjardins


whispered, “good night”

caterpillars,  I woke up

to butterflies.


gently land

on soft petals,

flitting  joy.

joined together

in the garden, they play house

a brief time.

© Cheryl-Lynn, 2014/06/24

Do you want to get involved in saving the Monarch Butterfly?  Get milkweed!   Click this link  and here 

Check out Sara Desjardins’ (photographer)  Facebook Page as well.

Written for: Carpe Diem Haiku Kai #498 Butterfly

31 thoughts on “Butterflies in the garden (haiga) CP #498

    • Me too…I only went once to the showing at our Botanical Gardens…when the butterflies (tons tons of them) have just transformed…some not quite yet…it is magical to see that place. I’ve no doubt you have such places in Cali too.


      • They say the Monarch Butterflies have recently not returned to Capistrano due to the use of Nicotine based pesticides… Roundup and such


      • Storms? I guess a little butterfly would be no match for high winds… If you wish check out the house on MLS.com put in penngrove California 2042 curtis


  1. you’ve caught the essense of butterflies! Read the comment just above the reply box and have to remind you, that perhaps ’twas the flapping of a butterfly’s wing here in Italy that brought on those storms 🙂


  2. I have quite a bit of milkweed actually. We tried to raise Monarch eggs and very itty bitty caterpillars. But it was late in the season and they had caught a blight and could not form their cocoons. But we tried.

    I’ve been lucky to see a few Monarchs hatch 🙂

    If you plant parsley you might get Swallowtails, they love to eat it. 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by… my butterflies…


      • I only had parsley (I think that is just it) in the one box and the swallowtails ate it all up. We watched their progress throughout that one summer. But they are different than Monarchs. They can travel far and bury themselves even for years before coming out. Their hard shell also is very well camouflaged. You can go to any butterfly site or just google Swallowtails to find out more about them.


      • I will see what I can plant under my balcony, my landlord is quite open to my doing pretty much what I want and I live on the main floor. Thanks for the advice!


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