Killer Tree (Friday Fictioneers June 27, 2014)

Photo Prompt:  © Madison Woods


Simone went berry picking with her cousin who had been after her for a week.  She finally gave in. It had been the first time in five years  she had ventured into these woods. Nicole was nattering about mon oncle Ovid and his eccentric ways. Simone half listened, dodging gnats and wishing she were home with a good book. Suddenly she heard Nicole call out to her. “Look there’s a pond here. Viens vite!” Simone got to the other side of the bushes and stopped suddenly noticing the tree by the pond, where she’d lost her son.

© Cheryl-Lynn 2014/06/27

Written for: Friday Fictioneers June 27 2014, Photo prompt


15 thoughts on “Killer Tree (Friday Fictioneers June 27, 2014)

      • It is interesting how many memories come up through blogging process. I am finding it fascinating.

        I am going to be posting about a really important part of my life today. I was overwhelmed by the thought of doing it because I can’t pinpoint exact timing of many of the events. I was so confused when I went to bed I decided I just wouldn’t write it.

        And then this morning I woke up with the first paragraphs in my head. I got up and wrote it all. Now just need to do the editing!


      • I look forward to reading your offering, Karuna. Writing is so very therapeutic. I often tell youths who have suffered terrible abuse to write about their events in the third person. A philosophy professor years ago suggested this to me and it works.


      • That doesn’t fit in this instance but it is a good idea! I will have to remember that for clients too.

        I put the post I was mentioning up about two hours ago!


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