Waterfalls – chutes – haiga (CPHKFamily #1)

(c) Clr - 2014 Yamaska River

(c) Clr – 2014 Yamaska River

affligée par la vie

penchant sur la rive

larmes en cascades

tous les peines

déversent en abondances

chutes acceuillent

craintes, peines

répands en cascades




rooftops, concrete buildings

city waterfalls


river flows

emotions over dams






river holds

lamenting grief



river listens


drown regrets

© Tournesol 2014/07/30

Photo credits: clr- Tournesol ‘2014

Submitted for: CarpeDiemHaikuFamily#1Waterfall

Lanky sunflowers (haibun)

Well, I am so far behind, I’m breathless trying to catch up. Chèvrefeuille has started a WordPress blog called CarpeDiemHaikuKaiFamily.  Well, this is already Prompt #4 Sunflower, so better late than never.

Here is Chèvrefeuille’s offering:

after the thunderstorm
the sunflowers in the backyard
have broken

© Chèvrefeuille

My sister grew sunflowers in her country home and that was the first time I saw such huge, tall flowers towering over ME and I`m tall! One summer in 1995,  I planted a variety of seeds of  wild flowers late in June. That was the summer I was trying for an English Garden and we had such a nice property in the back of the house with a huge field, small stream and further a wooded area. It was heaven in the back and civilization in the front of our home.

By the end of June, no sign of growths, end of July only mere foot tall lanky, thin stems. But by September, whoa! these were giant fellas alright!!  They almost touched the roof of the garden shed.  It was pretty in the daytime but in the night, if I had to go out back, their shadows were a bit daunting…no creepy!

Credits: Wikipedia

round yellow face
looming shadows sway
sunflowers at night

standing tall
reaching for the sun
hover over me.

reap seeds for salad dressing,
cooking oil

towering sunflowers
like a teen.

© Tournesol ’14/07/29

Submitted for: CarpeDiemHaikuKaiFamily #4 Sunflower

Departed soul (haibun) In memory of Bruno

© clr A true Rock Star, he will be missed

© clr A true Rock Star, he will be missed

Yesterday marked one week that a friend and colleague died, Sunday morning, July 20th. I wrote a series of haiku/senryû, last week with the vivid image of Bruno when I last saw him mid May of this year. He had been battling pancreatic cancer for well over a year at that time and still accepted that I visit him and he posed for a book that was being compiled to give to another colleague who is battling breast cancer. Bruno believed in thinking positive at ALL times. He believed in the fight and never gave up, nor did he stop encouraging our friend who is still under treatment and we KNOW she will rise above this insidious disease. She is the loving and most generous person (much like Bruno) who phoned me to give me the sad news that our friend had passed. I feel so blessed to have heard from you, Leslie, you have no idea how much it meant to me.

Here is the series I wrote the day I learned of his passing…

Care Bear Hugs

I’ll miss that smile
soothing presence like balm
Care Bear hugs.
those innuendos
making me feel young and sexy
twinkle in your {lie} eye
they’ll all split their wings
you’ll have them laughing so hard
angels in heaven

(c) Cheryl-Lynn 2014-07-21 (aka Tournesol)

originally posted: Care Bear Hugs

Today it is raining. It is grey and my mood is morose. I called in sick today as my body would not respond and seemed to be listening to my soul…I feel as if I am 99 today…a time to rest. In the shower I weep tears of grief and let the water wash them away. I have written in another post how I asked, “Why not take me? I am older, my family is raised, even my grandson is older than Bruno’s son. Why not take me?” The world is a mystery and the Great Spirit acts in mysterious ways. What do I know? Who am I in this vast sea of souls? But I do know that Bruno was a mind, heart, soul and body of pure essence filled with compassion and love. Anyone who has had the chance to meet him even if briefly, is blessed having been touched by an angel.

Reading Bruno’s orbituary in the Montreal Gazette, minutes ago, here at Second Cup, I am sad and yet could not help but smile when I read that his blood type was B Positive! Of course, what else could it have been? This reading along with Chèvrefeuille’s prompt on writing with the theme “A departed Soul”, has stirred up the following lines…

Departed Soul

dawn smiled

clouds made way

an angel


an angel

soars over sad hearts

begging for smiles


begging for smiles

his loud roar thundered

B positive


B positive

his lifetime message


(c) Clr – Tournesol ’14-07-28


This was a difficult prompt for me as I think of Shiki dying so young and his generous heart and passion for writing, found some energy to write his last haiku, truly touched me.

sponge gourd has bloomed
choked by phlegm
a departed soul

© Masaoka Shiki

One of Shiki’s desciple, Hekigoto, was by his bedside when he died. He wrote this…

from a bathing tub
I throw water into the lake –
slight muddiness appears

© Hekigoto

Hekigoto started the New Trend Haiku Movement. He experimented with disregarding the seventeen syllable pattern.

far fireworks
sounding, otherwise
not a thing

© Hekigoto

And this prompt created and hosted by Chèvrefeuille has contributed this:

morning dew
evaporates in the early sunlight –
spirit climbs to the sky

© Chèvrefeuille

Submitted for CPHK #527 – Shiki – A Departed Soul

New Year’s Fun (haibun) (CarpeDiem #526 Issa (5), “New Year’s Writing”)

Credits: Japanese Fireworks

It is a Japanese custom to write with a writing brush on the second day of the year.

New Year’s Eve was always a special time for me as an older child.  I used to babysit with my best friend her little brother at her house. We were allowed to stay up until way past midnight, drink cola and eat chips! Something I was never allowed at home unless there was a party.    Her parents were having a New Year’s Eve “reveillons” with my parents at my home. About 30 seconds to midnight I would dial (in those days we had  rotary phones!) and wait until midnight before letting go of the last digit of my home phone number, to be the FIRST to wish my mom and dad Happy New Year’s.

Another race New Year’s for our family was to be the first to ask our father (grandfather in my mother’s case)  to be blessed for the new year.  I always felt extra special if I got to my dad before my sister. At my grandparents, however, all seven children knelt in the living room as my grandfather blessed them all ONCE. {My grandmother, actually took over this role when my grandfather died even if she was a woman.}

If there was not too much snow, we often went out behind my grandparents’ home to ice skate on the river.  Those were wonderful times when it was safe to do this as the winters were cold for many months, not like today where we get rain at Christmas.

I was saddened reading about Issa’s childrens’ passing so early in life.  But I am pleased he wrote poems of laughter and joyous times in their memory.

kodomora ga kitsune no mane mo susuki kana

the children
pretend to be foxes…
pampas grass

© Kobayashi Issa


New Year’s Eve
children playing with the fresh fallen snow –
fireworks coloring the sky

© Chèvrefeuille

 I will be writing in that youthful joyous vein.

Guy Lombardo
ringing in the New Year
got Mom first

Santa’s new skates
on the moonlit river
Dad blessed me first.

© Tournesol ’14/07/27

Submitted for: Carpe Diem Haiku Kai, #526, Issa,(5)  “New Year’s Writing”

Full Circle (CarpeDiemHaikuKai Special#1)

Cherry Trees/High Park © Sara Desjardins Photography

Cherry Trees/High Park
© Sara Desjardins Photography

High Park’s cherry trees
 blossoming midst rustling leaves
spilling a soft breeze.

summer solstice looms
lovers kiss on moonlit beach
make love thru the night.

lovers’ departure
last rendezvous’ send-off,
magic mushrooms

pine tree icicles
blizzard warnings outside
threaten fireworks.

© Clr – Tournesol

Vancouver’s Stanley Park is well known for their Cherry trees that were given as a gift from Japan but Toronto, High Park hosts also such a gift from Japan in 1959, having received 2000 trees. Check here, for the History of Sakura; Sakura Hanami is the Japanese translation for cherry blossom viewing or flower viewing. Click here to see the Sakura Watch at High Park 2014. The photos are exquisite!

Submitted for Carpe Diem Haiku Kai Special – Full Circle #1 where you have to use each work per LINE of a series of 4 haiku.

1. cherry

2. leaves

3. breeze

4. solstice

5. beach

6. love

7. departure

8. moon

9. mushrooms

10. icicles

11. blizzard

12. fireworks

for example of the first 3 words:

cherry blossoms bloom
between the young leaves –
the warm breeze

© Chèvrefeuille


Sunset pause (haibun)

After enjoying a nice vegan dinner with my colleague the other night, I noticed the pink sky at the end of our street on our way back to work. I checked the time, and I had 8 minutes left before I had to get back to work on the phone lines. So I rushed up the elevator to the ninth floor, wobbled up the 20 steps that lead to the rooftop and witnessed another amazing concert of pastels shimmering in the sky.

I sat in awe silently for a moment. I knew I would not capture this perfection with my camera. And then I started playing with the settings. I tried “sunset” first, then “beauty” and lastly just natural setting…zooming now and then until I saw a plan to my right flying quickly just above the sun setting. I clicked a few times to capture this because usually planes come out fuzzy but not this time. I was quite pleased.

I had three minutes left and knew I had to run down to get to work on time and missed that last dip below the skyline…where you no longer see any sign of the sun. Then for another five to ten minutes the changing of colours, shades getting darker and more stunning. Oh, well, another time…in a few weeks time, my dinner break will coincide with a complete sunset…yes, the days will be shortening more and more…do not want to think of that yet.

(c) clr - Tournesol'14

(c) clr – Tournesol’14

day`s end

watercolours brush the sky

with bated breath

(c) clr - Tournesol '14

(c) clr – Tournesol ’14

day`s end

plane crosses shimmering sky

sun bows

(c) clr - Tournesol '14

(c) clr – Tournesol ’14

daylight ends

sun dips beneath the skyline

back to work.

(c) Clr -Tournesol