A party of five (Haiga)

© CLR Tea Party 2014
© CLR Tea Party 2014

they all lined up
all dressed to the nines
waiting to party

tea was brewing
cake just out of the oven

one gentleman in their midst
and four wanting maidens

such a fine day
filled with hope and promise
for one party.

© CLR 2014/07/08

I wanted to get out my daughter’s 20+ year old Barbies but at this late hour, it was a chore to hunt in the hot damp basement, these would have to do. The 3 straw dolls were gifts from my daughter when she was very little, the porcelain lady and gentleman were once attached to bedside lamps belonging to my grandparents some 80 years ago.Oh, and the background of course is my fan for these hot summers. I do look somewhat stylish in the Métro, I dare say.

Week 20 at Haiku Horizon and the prompt is “party”

35 thoughts on “A party of five (Haiga)”

      1. Nah, her face looks the same but her meow changes from short, deeper and grumpy…we are starting to have little discussions now…OMG i’m turning into the crazy cat lady!


      1. Nothing worse than a meowing meower.. Toonce tend to meow and I ask him how his day way… Man do I need life….


      2. Haha, yeah, well, I am starting to argue with her like she was my kid…but we re not supposed to tell the world this part of our exciting single life…haha


      3. I just got home and asked Toonce. “Have you seen Nora? What flavor of Friskies do you want… I swear I’m losing it..


      4. haha…I stopped giveing her any treats…only organic dried food made here. It is pretty pricey though 25$ for a bag that lasts about 3 weeks. but I have only one and I save on vet bills. Off to bed, it`s 2:50am. here…nite, Juan.


      1. There is something about the two extremes…but lucky you! You get to see sunrises and sunsets. Well, I guess I see sunrises too just before turning in {grins}


      2. I guess it depends where you’re located.my blogging friend in Italy is an early morning riser so late nights we can communicate. I’m in Montreal EST time.


      3. Then you are 3 hours behind us. We’d l probably cross paths evenings.I also work late shifts until then or d eleven at might.just around your become


    1. 8 had one for home and one for my car…my air conditioner broke down.and a folded fan for the subway. I must get a few more tomorrow before I leave on vacation.makes a great alternative waiting in lines in the heat.


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