Filled with grace (haiku)

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After communicating for months with Karuna, from Living, Learning and Letting Go, we did finally meet. I was blessed to have such a seasoned devotee of Amma. She was able to describe some of the traditions, the events that would take place each day. And thanks to her wise guidance, I was able to take advantage of every moment I could of being in the presence of this amazing sage, Amma.

I had shared with Karuna, that I uarrived here with an open mind but a heavy heart. Who does not have weight on their shoulders and in their heart? Such is life, non? But being in the presence of such a powerful, wise, loving and compassionate person, one can only naturally sway from grey or dark thoughts to brighter and hopeful reflections. Four days in such divine presence and four times blessed with a warm embrace…that’s right, I had four hugs in those four days.

Within a few hours, I could feel a divine presence and the attachment everyone had to their “mother- amma”; so many people shared their stories from past encounters; people who found their true love after speaking and embracing Amma, how special they felt when she held them, how more special one felt than another…and I could not help but see us all as children in pecking order to get our “mother’s” attention…see me, Mother, see how special I am!” I could not help but smile at that thought.

Did I sleep much? Not really, for it was also the full moon on Saturday/Sunday morning so we stayed up until 6 am. I will not go into detail to describe the events for Karuna and other writers would do this justice far better than me.

I did purchase a few items, (shopper that I am…but hey! it IS for a good cause!!) I started with a lovely scarf/shawl that I wore for my first hug, so it is now blessed. I also purchased a beautiful handmade book cover, a business card holder, beaded necklace and bracelet (the bracelet is practical for reciting my mantra, which I feel privileged to have been given by Amma), a lovely purse; and the perfume bottle was to place the blessed water we were ALL given on our last day, open to the public for Devi Bhava. Now this last day starts in the early evening and goes on until the wee hours of the morning, {so I was told} well, it went on all night until noon the next day!   Ending with weddings and much more. The energy was electrifying and although it was celebratory towards the end, there was a heaviness…a sadness that Amma would soon be leaving most of us that day for a long time. She will be missed…

(c) July 2014
(c) July 2014


in anticipation

my heart swelled and opened

filled with grace

(c) Cheryl-Lynn ’14/07/19

14 thoughts on “Filled with grace (haiku)”

  1. It’s awesome when an experience touches your life in such a powerful way. Thank you for sharing it!


  2. I loved reading what you’ve written here about your experience. It was so nice to share those days with you. So many nice memories, both of what we shared together and also individually.


    1. If I would have had internet, I would have put it up sooner. I copied all your posts and put them in a word document last night to read at home. You have been busy, missy!! I enjoyed them all…but will comment on them on my break.


      1. I wrote two during the layover and flight time as I was coming home from Toronto and one on the flight to Jackson Hole. It was interesting to see how much faster I could put them up after having worked on writing and refining them with paper and pen! Good lesson for me.


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