Taking Sides – LindayGHill’s SoCS – July 17

Taking Sides

The prompt for Stream of conciousness Friday is “Side”. Linda G Hill has asked us to write using this word alone, as a preface or suffix…just write as long as your stream consciousness stops, then link to her blog here.

There are many sides to a situation or a story. How many times have you heard a news bulletin telling the public the sensationalistic side of an event omitting other aspects that shed a different light to that event?

I am also reminded of children when parents are separating and how often they seem to shed blame on themselves. So many children seem to feel if they were nicer, quieter or more obedient, somehow their parents would still be together? That is certainly not true but still many children feel this inside the core of their souls.

Moving along on this same topic, friends and family often feel they need to take sides when a marriage breaks up. Friends may feel awkward and think they can’t be friends with one spouse if they hang out with the other spouse. But what if they were good friends as a couple? Wouldn’t it make sense to nurture and continue this friendship with each person? And yet, so many feel they have to take sides.

I have also noticed that couples feel uncomfortable when they hear of a break-up of a relationship. It is as if they are faced with a side of themselves {or their relationship} they prefer not to examine. Why not? Maybe it is a perfect opportunity to embrace the love they have in their relationship. Perhaps it is an occasion to work on some aspects of their relationship if they feel it is a bit rocky. But for goodness sakes, folks, another couple’s break-up is NOT contagious…you can see talk to her or him. If anything, this is a time they need a friend and compassionate listening ear.   So stop taking sides and ask yourself, how would you feel and how would you like to be treated if you were no longer in your relationship? This is where you will see the true sides of a friend alright; the kind, compassionate side or the cautious, weary side; then again would it be the self-righteous, holier than thou side?   One cannot judge another person for their choices in life unless they have truly walked a mile in their shoes.

© Cheryl-Lynn’14/07/19

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