Day’s end (haiku) CPHK #525


© Tournesol '14

© Tournesol ’14

Under the cedars
gathering of the crows
before sun bows.

© Tournesol '14

© Tournesol ’14

before the sun bows
birds’ jamboree
then take flight.

© Tournesol ‘ 14/07/27

Submitted for: Carpe Diem Haiku Kai, Buson, #525 Glimpse of Dawn

8 thoughts on “Day’s end (haiku) CPHK #525

  1. Thanks, I am trying to catch up but need to reflect more…will order some books Jen recommended…it’s time. I really enjoy haiku and want to learn more, what better way than read the masters.


  2. Reading the masters is the best way to learn haiku … haiku isn’t only a poetry form, it’s (in my opinion) a way of living … and a spiritual path … These haiku you have shared here are wonderful and your photos … wow!
    I am glad that you like haiku and I think you are starting to become an addict 🙂


    • I think I’m addicted too. I became addicted to wetting and poetry since last year as it was a catarthis for my work especially…I discovered a way to feel liberated and avoid vicarious trauma. But haiku is meditative and deep refraction… Like praying and truly aware of the words chanted.


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