Lanky sunflowers (haibun)

Well, I am so far behind, I’m breathless trying to catch up. Chèvrefeuille has started a WordPress blog called CarpeDiemHaikuKaiFamily.  Well, this is already Prompt #4 Sunflower, so better late than never.

Here is Chèvrefeuille’s offering:

after the thunderstorm
the sunflowers in the backyard
have broken

© Chèvrefeuille

My sister grew sunflowers in her country home and that was the first time I saw such huge, tall flowers towering over ME and I`m tall! One summer in 1995,  I planted a variety of seeds of  wild flowers late in June. That was the summer I was trying for an English Garden and we had such a nice property in the back of the house with a huge field, small stream and further a wooded area. It was heaven in the back and civilization in the front of our home.

By the end of June, no sign of growths, end of July only mere foot tall lanky, thin stems. But by September, whoa! these were giant fellas alright!!  They almost touched the roof of the garden shed.  It was pretty in the daytime but in the night, if I had to go out back, their shadows were a bit daunting…no creepy!

Credits: Wikipedia

round yellow face
looming shadows sway
sunflowers at night

standing tall
reaching for the sun
hover over me.

reap seeds for salad dressing,
cooking oil

towering sunflowers
like a teen.

© Tournesol ’14/07/29

Submitted for: CarpeDiemHaikuKaiFamily #4 Sunflower

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