Waterfalls – chutes – haiga (CPHKFamily #1)

(c) Clr - 2014 Yamaska River

(c) Clr – 2014 Yamaska River

affligée par la vie

penchant sur la rive

larmes en cascades

tous les peines

déversent en abondances

chutes acceuillent

craintes, peines

répands en cascades




rooftops, concrete buildings

city waterfalls


river flows

emotions over dams






river holds

lamenting grief



river listens


drown regrets

© Tournesol 2014/07/30

Photo credits: clr- Tournesol ‘2014

Submitted for: CarpeDiemHaikuFamily#1Waterfall

15 thoughts on “Waterfalls – chutes – haiga (CPHKFamily #1)

  1. You were inspired Cheryl Lynn, what a wonderful series of haiku, I like those French ones, but your English haiku are awesome. Thank you for sharing in this haiku-reprise feature.


    • thank you, Kristjaan, I am practicing every day and reading so I think that helps:) I do prefer the English ones too but I felt bad that I had not tried French enough. I will wait to purchase a book translated by Lanoue who has French and English translations on Haiku.


      • David Gerard Lanoue had several translations…one I saw yesterday at Amazon Haiku if the matters in english, French, German and Spanish. The best prices are in the US though…there are many e books but I want an illustrated book. I ordered a few yesterday.


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