Summer Delights (haibun)

Since I have chosen un nom de plume for my blogspot which will hold only short form poetry, I am thinking it would be a good idea to sign my short forms here as well with Tournesol.  So here goes my first summer series of thoughts when I had so much time to scribble in my notebook being, still, SANS internet.  It is not so bad actually.  I write, sneak peek on my phone for prompts and write offline. But I do miss reading my friends who write so beautifully and inspire me.But for summer, it is not a bad idea…it gives me time to savour summer…sit in a park and just soak up the entire moment, trees, flowers, children playing, lovers sitting side by side with glazed eyes…

summer love
painfully overrated
September blues.

summer’s breeze
forsake unrequited love
nakedness sighs

I do miss walking along an ocean beach.  We are only a six-hour drive from Old Orchard, Maine and lately I have been reminiscing about times I went camping there as a teenager with my parents.   I also enjoyed vacations as an adult with my husband in Prince Edward Island at Twin Shores…it felt like we owned the beach it was so secluded and quiet.  I enjoyed lobsters camping and come to think of it, I have never eaten lobster in a restaurant…only camping.

ocean salt air
savouring lobster tails
melted butter dips


low tide at twilight
moon beams guide the way
skinny dipping

A few nights ago, I was surprised to hear the crickets calling since I don’t live in the country and it was near the bus terminal but I suppose they had to warn us of the hot muggy night we were having. Thank you very much, crickets, my body felt it just fine!

But it did remind me of times sitting out on our porch at our first home, the children in bed surrounded by three mountains (not huge ones, mind you, but still…)

crickets’ night concert
fanning on moonlit porch
hum the blues

Last week I enjoyed my first campfire in a long time. I usually sit out at my cousin`s backyard summers when I visit his family in Oakville.  So it was a lovely treat to sit outside with my son and his two dogs, Heidi is a German Shepherd and Maya is a Golden…both are adorable.  I’ve posted them in the past when pet sitting.

backyard fire
bowing to a busy day
toasting marshmallows

Now a wood`s party is something I never really experienced but I know that many teenagers do…

(c) Clr - Tournesol

(c) Clr – Tournesol ’14

wood’s bonfire
strumming a guitar
smoking weed

night extends
shrill of harmonica
honky-tonk blues

(c) Clr - Tournesol

(c) Clr – Tournesol ’14

croon sleepily
red embers smother
German Shepherd snores.

What a treat to be sipping my cappucinno with WiFi and blogging.

(c) Tournesol ’14-07-26

Summer jog (haibun) CPHK # 523, Basho (5) “How Rare”

I rarely have the opportunity or privilege (I should really say) of dining with a colleague from work.  Since we work on a 24 hour crisis line, our breaks are never together.  Yesterday by chance, it was.  I introduced my friend to my favourite vegan restaurant, The Green Panther. I have written about this place before and even taken photos with my notebook next to my plate of yummy falafel.

My friend was telling me about how she had gone out for a run the other day and came back with bites on her legs and it swelled tremendously within a short time.  The next day when the swelling went down, she noticed 4 little stingers all in a row by a very hungry wasp.

After reading Chevrefeuille ‘s lovely introduction to Carpe Diem’s prompt today #523 Basho (5), ”How Rare!”, I thought of my friend’s running incident.

I also enjoyed the background of Kristjaan’s blog name.  Honeysuckle was his seasonword chosen in his very first verse 25 years ago.  Translated into French that would be Chevrefeuille and the rest is history.

That inspired me to choose a title for my Blogspot blog. I had originally chosen le jardin de Cher and then I thought about flowers that I love. Daisies are my favourite because they are also easy to purchase any time of year. But I have always loved sunflowers. I remember the giant sunflowers that grew next to our garden shed at our family home when my children were little. Golly!! They were ginormous! And so with jardin still as the theme of my “short form poetry” blog, I chose Tournesol dans un jardin…so Tournesol will be my nom de plume on that blog.  Merci, Kristjaan, for the inspiration!

{Basho was host of a renga party at the home of Nagayama Shigeyuki, a military man of the Shonai Clan. This was the greeting verse and it was used as ‘hokku’ for the renga.     He had visited Mount Hagura for seven days and was glad that he could finally eat fresh vegetables. It was published in his ‘Narrow Road to the Deep North’, his most well known haibun. © Chevrefeuille}

mezurashi ya   yama wo ide ha no   natsu nasubi

how rare!
on leaving the mountain
the first eggplant

and Chevrefeuille’s offering:

the sweet perfume
of the Honeysuckle
makes me drowsy

Now for my humble haiku with the image of my friend in mind travelling running.

Summer Jog

cool spray mist

dreamlike beachy feel

city park

smell of fresh-cut grass

running through parc la Fontaine

a wasp stings

© Chery-Lynn ’14/07/24
Submitted for: Carpe Diem Haiku Kai, # 523 Basho (5) “How Rare”




Care Bear Hugs (senryû)

© clr A true Rock Star, he will be missed

© clr                                                        A true Rock Star, he will be missed

I’ll miss that smile
soothing presence like balm
Care Bear hugs.

those innuendos
making me feel young and sexy
twinkle in your  lie eye

they’ll all split their wings
you’ll have them laughing so hard
angels in heaven

© Cheryl-Lynn ’14/07/21

Random Questions

Here are my responses to Random Questions posted by Rants and Runs

1. What’s my favourite word?

Word eh?   Gee, I don’t know, I do use “eh” a lot because I am Canadian and half French, “eh” it is.
2.  What’s my least favourite word?

Well, I can’t write that here but it starts with  “c”

3.  What turns you on? Really? Well, the edited version is a brilliant, curious mind, kind heart, warm smile, a gentle touch at the small of my back…um, I’ll have to leave the rest for my other blog…haha

4.  What turns you off?   Snobs

5.  What sound or noise do you love?  Ocean waves

6.  What sound or noise do you hate?   Renovation sounds like sanding or drilling in a work building and trying to work.

7. What’s your favourite curse word? F….of course cos it’s an adjective, verb and noun…multi-purpose

8.  What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? United Nations  interpreter

9.  What profession would you not like to do? Hotel clerk because they are NOT appreciated for all that they have to endure nor paid enough for it.

10.  If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates? You thought this life was tough, wait until you see your next reincarnation!

© Cheryl-Lynn ’14/07/21


Filled with grace (haiku)

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After communicating for months with Karuna, from Living, Learning and Letting Go, we did finally meet. I was blessed to have such a seasoned devotee of Amma. She was able to describe some of the traditions, the events that would take place each day. And thanks to her wise guidance, I was able to take advantage of every moment I could of being in the presence of this amazing sage, Amma.

I had shared with Karuna, that I uarrived here with an open mind but a heavy heart. Who does not have weight on their shoulders and in their heart? Such is life, non? But being in the presence of such a powerful, wise, loving and compassionate person, one can only naturally sway from grey or dark thoughts to brighter and hopeful reflections. Four days in such divine presence and four times blessed with a warm embrace…that’s right, I had four hugs in those four days.

Within a few hours, I could feel a divine presence and the attachment everyone had to their “mother- amma”; so many people shared their stories from past encounters; people who found their true love after speaking and embracing Amma, how special they felt when she held them, how more special one felt than another…and I could not help but see us all as children in pecking order to get our “mother’s” attention…see me, Mother, see how special I am!” I could not help but smile at that thought.

Did I sleep much? Not really, for it was also the full moon on Saturday/Sunday morning so we stayed up until 6 am. I will not go into detail to describe the events for Karuna and other writers would do this justice far better than me.

I did purchase a few items, (shopper that I am…but hey! it IS for a good cause!!) I started with a lovely scarf/shawl that I wore for my first hug, so it is now blessed. I also purchased a beautiful handmade book cover, a business card holder, beaded necklace and bracelet (the bracelet is practical for reciting my mantra, which I feel privileged to have been given by Amma), a lovely purse; and the perfume bottle was to place the blessed water we were ALL given on our last day, open to the public for Devi Bhava. Now this last day starts in the early evening and goes on until the wee hours of the morning, {so I was told} well, it went on all night until noon the next day!   Ending with weddings and much more. The energy was electrifying and although it was celebratory towards the end, there was a heaviness…a sadness that Amma would soon be leaving most of us that day for a long time. She will be missed…

(c) July 2014

(c) July 2014


in anticipation

my heart swelled and opened

filled with grace

(c) Cheryl-Lynn ’14/07/19

Moon Beams (haibun) CP #517 Shiki(3) “reeds tremble”

July 11th midnight we left Montreal via bus towards Toronto. This would be a 6 hour trip or shorter depending on traffic and mostly summer construction on Highway 401, the most boring highway that I know. That is why I take a bus or train when travelling alone, for by car, the risk of falling asleep at the wheel hypnotized by the same white line on black asphalt is too dangerous.

I felt like I was chasing the moon tonight, walking towards the bus terminal. I tried to take a few pictures but my camera could not do it justice. It shone so bright and it looked like a tiny spec on my camera.

On the bus I would see glimpses of the moon on the right and when I aimed my camera, the bus turned slightly and it was not to the left. I was sitting on the right side way in the front on the top deck of this double-decker Megabus. Fortunately I had two seats, so I could stretch my long legs. My tablet was on most of the ride to occupy my busy mind. I was lucky if I slept an hour and now I know that it may have been due to the “almost” full moon.

For hours the white glow teased me going from the right of my window and then to the left where I could l could not see as well, then whoosh, it would disappear. The more we approached mid morning around 3 a.m.

Moon, I saw you,

swell in size

inflamed and boisterous

daring and glorious

you shine like a star

you acquiesce afar

finally with unrest

you shine ahead

towards the West

the lower you get

the larger you’ve set

into a golden lantern

it’s 3am, cannot sleep

your energy fills me

that beaming glow

as travellers follow

all through the night

you’re glowing light

keeps us alert, safe

you’ll not abandon

us until early dawn

that golden star

we’ll not see yet

as we head West

just feel the glow

from the East

as you, moon,

shall seek rest.

This was Thursday morning that I saw this “almost full moon” on my bus ride; and on Saturday the moon was at its fullest and there was a great celebration at the retreat where I was, called The Guru Purnima. We waited with anticipation for the celebration until the wee hours of the night (5am. more precisely) In the meantime, I went out for a walk and took a few photos of the full moon and my mind wandered…

(c) clr 2014-07-13

(c) clr 2014-07-13



hot summer night

waves crash on the beach

guided by moon beams


lovers embrace

hide behind bushes

bright moon glow

(c) Cheryl-Lynn 2014-07-19

Although this prompt is to write about the full moon in the Fall or Winter, I had these notes from my trip I felt fit so well with the mood of the full moon. You can see more explanations, Chèvrefeuille so graciously and eloquently gives at Carpe Diem #517 Shiki (3), “reeds tremble” 


Carpe Diem Tan Renga Challenge #43, Basho’s “The Old lady cherry”

Photo credits: Sara Desjardins Photography – Toronto

At Carpe Diem Haiku Kai, our task was to take Basho’s “The Old-Lady Cherry” and add two lines in approximately 7-7 for tan renga. Here is the original poem and chèvrefeuille’s example:

the old-lady cherry

in bloom: a remembrance

of her old age

(c) Basho)


a day to celebrate

the first cherry blossoms

(c) Chèvrefeuille


revel in ornate hues

time enhances your splendour.

© Cheryl-Lynn ‘14/07/19

Submitted for: Carpe Diem Tan Renga Challenge #43, Basho’s “The old lady cherry”