Double Rainbow (Tan Renga)

Credits: Double Rainbow

What wonderful haiku and the photo provided is stunning.


double rainbow 1(c) Clr 2013 October

 I could not help but be reminded of the double rainbow I had seen on my way from work one day I finished unusually early. It had been raining in mid October and the sky had darkened already save for Montreal street lights, only the rain, my umbrella and bumping into pedestrians kept me alert walking to the Métro. Then as I gazed at the sky, just above the church facing the Métro, I saw a rainbow. I was quite astonished to see it this late in the day and I don’t think I have ever seen such a sight in the Fall. In the country and small towns we are graced with such views but in the city there are too many distractions to really notice. City workers were leaving their buildings and I could not help but notice their faces look up at the sky and smile even after a hard day’s work. Then some people cheered as a second rainbow faintly joined it’s cousin. Thank you Ese for this lovely reminder and haiku and Chèvrefeuille for offering this prompt, it brings me back to fond memories in the country and especially that October fest of colours … and now I have added two Tan Renga to focusing on “time to count blessings” as I am also reminded of that moment last October in Montréal on boulevard Laurier.

double rainbow
arches across stormy sky
time to count blessings (Ese)

the joy and laughter of my kids
resonates at the family barbecue (Chevrefeuille)

double rainbow
arches across stormy sky
time to count blessings (Ese)

yuppies stare up openmouthed
filled with wonder and reverence (Tournesol)

double rainbow
arches across stormy sky
time to count blessings (Ese)

gauchely holding umbrella
photograph a miracle (Tournesol)

© Tournesol ‘14/08/02

Submitted for: Carpe Diem Tan Renga Challenge #45, “Double Rainbow”

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