Life as you see it (senryû)

Life as you see it
may not be in my
line of vision.

don’t see eye to eye
differences of opinion
just a different lens

why must you argue
over and over and
over again?

wars have erupted
for far much more
and much less
what are you waiting forÉ
mediate for peace now

love, hate, greed
trigger some form of hell
we can all avoid.

© Clr – Tournesol `14/08/17

6 thoughts on “Life as you see it (senryû)”

      1. oH I so can I currently have someone that wants to pick arguments with me and it’s maddening to stop them. I’ve had to just ignore this challenging words and let them flail around! Such a waste of energy I think! 😀


      2. OH yes! I wish we could do that but ignoring is best don’t you think! Not giving someone the satisfaction of an argument is hard to do but saves my sanity for sure! 😀


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