Pearly grey isn’t so bad (haibun)

Things rarely turn out as I imagine. This is sometimes best for what joy, discoveries and excitement would I find if my life was all mapped out. I’d be like a peg on a wall map. My need to control would actually make me a slave of my making. Do I get disappointed with the outcomes of life’s events? Of course I do many times. The heartaches, the disappointments and the self-degradation are part of life and in some ways who I am. I am a product of my past and life experiences. How I make of it, is still my choice. We always have choices…not always in abundance. I may have to choose for a pearly grey from a drab grey but still, I have a choice. And with the darkness of despair how else would I be blinded by the beauty of the glowing stars as well as golden sun? If I have doubts about love and being loved, I meet exuberance when I am embraced by those who do love me. It may come from someone I have not been waiting and then that makes it a double bonus cherished and forever imprinted on my heart.

I am a daydreamer by day and by night. Many times I cannot tell where a dream started or where a fantasy ended. And is that important? When life takes too long to show its glowing stars, I escape into stories I devour for days and days. And more recently, I dip into my consciousness and write what transpires from many escapades in delusions and fantasies, me, myself my muse and I.

© Clr ’14

 skies weep,
autumn showers
paths shimmer

© Clr ’14

on golden leaves
hold me hostage

autumn wins

tints compete
greys lose race,
autumn scoffs

mediocre mouse
corn field plays
dreaming on canvas
beauty penned at night

 © Tournesol ’14

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15 thoughts on “Pearly grey isn’t so bad (haibun)”

  1. Sounds so familiar, Tournesol — “Many times I cannot tell where a dream started or where a fantasy ended. And is that important? When life takes too long to show its glowing stars, I escape into stories I devour for days and days.” What to do when the fantasies are so much better than the realities? Sometimes I think I’m losing my mind.

    A great write — and I love the new look at Tournesol 🙂


    1. I am trying for sleek, clean but want to add my sunflower though…so playing with this a bit. I am glad you can relate…my fantasies are so much better and one reason I hesitate to date again….haha…why burst my bubble, I love living in my bubble;)

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  2. Beautiful… that is the word that comes to my mind. The tender beauty of the world comes alive in your words. And I love that you choose to pick the pearly grey from the drab one, because that does make a difference.
    The tanka is my favorite. The last two lines particularly made me smile. 🙂


    1. I’m so happy you enjoyed the photos, it was such a joy taking the photos Thursday on my way to work. I am taking a new route…it gets sort of muddy but before entering the building I step in a puddle to clean off my boots:) All worth it.

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  3. How well I know the feelings and the fantasies you describe in this piece Cheryl-Lynn … many are the days I’ve pased tucked away in reading and now writing safe from the grey that surrounds me … then there’s the flash of emotion that gives new shape to reality … a moving haibun and your haiku and haiga are really so very beautiful … like the new format … somber but those sunflowers – stupendous!

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      1. It is very elegant! And yes … not even my hubby can grip if I’m using a real pen … though he does get grouchy if I get lost in books 😉

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  4. So many things to relate to and like about this haibun. We support and cheer each other – even when the distance seems great, we are only as far from each other as our imaginations.

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