silent stories (tan renga)

Carpe Diem Tan Renga Challenge, Magical Mystical Teacher “River Stones”

I was so pleased to see this haiku offered as our prompt to complete a tan renga. When I first saw it, I could think of so many completions simmering in my mind. I sat with pen on notebook, scratched a few but was not satisfied. I decided to do some research. One thing ( of many) I like about Carpe Diem is that our host as well as many of his family members often add a tidbit, a story, a history or background about the topic accompanying their stanza. Sometimes it is written, other times it is a video but certainly it is enough to inform readers of something they may not have known. So imagine how wonderful it is to learn more how to master (I’ll settle with compose for now) a haiku but to acquire knowledge about nature and the world around us. I can name just a few of whom I have learned so much at the top of my head such as Hamish Gunn, Waka  Blogitorloseit , Jules’Gems and our host and yes, I know I am missing many…but remember, I said at the “top” of my head, there are many more on the first floor!

Searching under themes like desert and river rocks, I discovered several interesting stories. A story of the Wild West was my first stop but then I wanted to learn something of which I had no clue…and I came up with two. To facilitate reading, I am writing two separate posts.

Over 9,000 years ago monsoon rains swept into the Sahara desert. This allowed regions to be transformed into habitable areas for humans and animals…beyond the Nile Valley. It was between 9,000 to 7,300 years ago that also led to the introduction of domesticated livestock like sheep and goats. I find that so fascinating! I wonder which animals were bred. I am sure it is written somewhere…

Retreating monsoons eventually stopped and the Egyptian Sahara revisited its “dry spell” and inhabitants had to leave; many returned to the Nile Valley. I wonder what life was like then, how they communicated…they did leave traces with stone etchings.

© Sahara Desert – Live Science

in a desert land
stones from rivers far away
muttering dark tales © MMT

echoes beyond Nile Valley
silent stories etched in stone    © Tournesol

monsoon gives birth
burgeoning life
drought takes it back.

© Tournesol

Related article and photo credits: Live Science – Sahara Desert

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      1. He’s quite an interesting character…. tormented by his brother’s death, restless, partly a Mama’s Boy, torn in several directions, tormented (largely through bad decisions) …. periods of great activity and life and energy followed by terrible doldrums ….


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