six day bender (haiku)

looking for home
got lost

lost again
turning in circles
unlisted number

soul searching
chanting my mantra,
I’ve come home

© Tournesol ‘14

Most people are bi-cultural or multicultural…let’s face it. In North America we are are blended in that huge melting pot.  What IS interesting  is how one identifies himself. I sometimes envy French Québecois who feel so sure of their identity. My mother always presented herself as a bilingual Canadian. I guess that is the only way I can see myself too. I cherish both languages/cultures that have woven the tapestry of who I am today.

lonely soapbox,
sometimes my views get
lost in translation
on the fence
each side
tears me apart

© Tournesol ‘14

This last one was just having fun thinking of Kerouac’s road trip for almost a month when he wrote On the Road.

six day bender
sex, love and rock ‘n roll,
day of rest

© Tournesol ‘14

Carpe Diem Sparkling Stars – Jack Kerouac

4 thoughts on “six day bender (haiku)”

  1. This is a great post … know what you mean about not having a single clear identity to refer back to. Feel more or less like that myself. Loved the series of haiku ponderings. Bien fait!


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