17 thoughts on “fallen leaf (haiga)

    • current flows
      moving forward
      life’s meaning

      winter’s frost slows the pace
      Santa brought me brand new skates

      It’s as if you read a part of my mood when I wrote this and caught the positive…ripple. Love your completion, cara!


      • LOL …

        in his bag Santa had for me
        a doll and candy with red strips
        we played for hours and now for us
        we’ve memories to warm cold fall nights.

        Glad you enjoyed the completion …


      • I did, I enjoy doing this and I find when a ku stirs a few lines to complete, I rather add that in the comments:) Hope you are well….it is getting nippy here but they forecast rain a few days so warmer damp weather until snow Saturday…they think…they say…they don friggin know! but 20 miles north of here snow has started.


      • Ah … it reached 21C yesterday then dropped to 8C when the sun went down … seems this is to be a rainy week .. but as you say they don’t know! Sorry the snow has already begun near your place … maybe it will hold off for you until Saturday at least!


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