escape (haiku)

There are several ways to escape from the rat race, busy days and worries.  Depending on what time I have available will determine what I do.  Speed walking, cycling or sitting by the lake, the river or allowing the river rapids to drown my thoughts and worries away, they all can do wonders, the latter is my favourite.

One does not always have the time or opportunity to get out, however, nor does the climate permit this.  But, I can always depend on music. And that is what I am doing tonight at my work break…no problems on my mind…just me and ivory keys.

relaxed heartbeat

ripple of ivory

my sanctuary

© Tournesol ’14

19 thoughts on “escape (haiku)”

  1. That sounds like a good way to escape the work, listening to music. It wouldn’t relax me though because what I listen to goes fast, oldie rock. Or just plain ‘golden oldies.’ I do like your being by the water, there is a little stream that dumps into the lake where Adi and I would go. Both of us liked to watch the ducks swimming or the grey heron on the bank watching for his breakfast to swim by.
    🙂 Dogs are one of our more faithful friends, I know you miss Desirée as much as I miss Adi. Thank you for sharing. Our toy poodle tries to take Adi’s place, she is sleeping at my feet right now.


    1. Thanks I wrote it on my break listening to that music …would have loved to write more …missing time…have a 10 hr shift tomorrow…so I just pick a haiku if I can think of an image or moment “real fast” 🙂 You are very kind!! You might like to join us at Carpe Diem…I’ve learned to much there and also follow the link to the haibun I wrote about guitar on my other blog…Hamish hosts a ligo haibun each week and he explains very nicely how to write it.


      1. Thanks for your suggestion–I’ll be thinking of you as you work 10 hrs (sounds like a long day to this old retired gal). Do you have weekends off? I’m guessing it depends, with shift work, eh?


      2. It’s funny about weekends–how people view them; I’m 62, disabled/retired and alone, yet I get really jazzed when Friday arrives! Love my weekends because they just have a different feel from week days–slightly different routine.

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