mask of neutrality (tanka)

men and women
stripped of their human rights
heads must be bare
government jobs lost,
cow behind neutrality

© Tournesol ’14

To read more: National Post

Prompt: Heeding Haiku with Ha – Human Rights

5 thoughts on “mask of neutrality (tanka)

  1. Oh dear … religious freedom seems to be something that is just not understood at all … a disquieting article and the proposal is unfair and obviously biased … the giant crucifixes should come down if one wants to really give a message of secularism … a making an oath on the Bible in court and so many other obvious religious symbolism … brava Tournesol for bringing this fore!

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    • Thank you…it irks me when they hypocritically say they want to have a neutral nation…that is a lot of BS…it is to deprive others of their rights, especially since this province is so not religious anymore like the olden days when the Catholic Church oppressed us…Not as bad as Ireland but lots of commonalities.


  2. It is frustrating, when something like that happens. Something as personal as religion must be handled in a more empathetic and justifiable manner. A violation of human rights indeed.
    Wonderful. 🙂


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