BJ Shadorma & Beyond – The Choka – December 13, 2014

A little Japanese history and talk about The Choka…

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Hello Everyone!

First of all thanks to all of you who participated writing a Naani … you did a fantastic job!

This week I’m taking you back to Japanese history.  The form I’ve chosen to introduce is called the choka.  Choka were long, elegiac poems (in fact choka means the long poem) and the longest ran sometimes over 100 lines!  They were usually sung.

The classical choka is formed by writing 5-7 syllables couplets for as many lines  as you like ending however with an extra 7 syllable line. There have been variations over the years as to how to write a choka including modern attempts to revive the genre.

Now days when the form is used and interestingly it is often used by English haiku poets, it is used to tell a story, not necessarily an epic or commemorative tale – just a story.

Here’s one of my choka as…

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3 thoughts on “BJ Shadorma & Beyond – The Choka – December 13, 2014

    • Sometimes I find your explanations are so wonderful that it needs to be reblogged…and, the fact that many don’t understand my blog…now they will:) Interestingly, I met a young man at the bus stop from France and I mentioined I was learning to writing Haiku on a blog and he totally knew what it was:)


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