Hark the Herald Angels Sing (essence + shadorma)

© William Adolphe Bouguereau Song of the Angels (1881)

(an essence )
peace on earth’s everything
cheer the birth, new-born king

pure of heart, Prince of kind
plays a part with you in mind

filled with mirth, rejoicing
peace on earth’s everything.

angels hail,
Prince of peace is born
cleanse your souls
open hearts
renew your vows of kindness
compassion triumphs.

© Tournesol ’14

We have the option of writing a Shadorma (a non-rhyming six-line poem with a syllable count of 3/5/3/3/7/5) – or an Essence created by Emily Romano.

An “Essence” consists of two lines of six syllables each. There is an end rhyme (rhyme at the end of the line) and an internal rhyme (rhyme in the middle of the line).

BJ Shadorma and Beyond at MindLovemiserysMenagerie

Flash mob concerts always make me weep, they’re so beautiful!

9 thoughts on “Hark the Herald Angels Sing (essence + shadorma)”

    1. Thank you, Jen. I felt bad on the other blog that I just jumped in with clothes on excited to write an essence and oooops read the instructions after. So now this is more related to this festive season. but boy essence was a triple challenge today.


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