magical night (choka- haiku)

 Vincent van Gogh said about this painting :

"... it does me good to do what’s difficult. That doesn’t stop me having a tremendous need for, shall I say the word — for religion — so I go outside at night to paint the stars"
The Starry Night /Emote Version by spring-sky
© The Starry Night /Emote Version by spring-sky @ Deviantart

walking to the store
found it windy and chilly

felt my hands frosting
forgetting my gloves at home

hands in my pocket
writhed along slippery paths

looked up at the sky
so many glistening stars

mouth open in awe
dazed by such magnificence

this massive ceiling
of art looms over my head

exhaled sigh of bliss
feeling blessed to be alive

I smiled at the moon
“could I have seen him wink back?”

a fairy-tale night
I could feel it in my bones

something wonderful
would be happening tonight

I then felt a bump
with an awkward step, I slipped
fell flat on my back
arms spread to make snow angels
I winked back at the Moon.


 sudden gust
snow circled around me
angels appeared

© Tournesol ’14

CP Ghost Writer Georgia of Bastet and Sekhmet’s Library

Carpe Diem “Angels”

24 thoughts on “magical night (choka- haiku)”

    1. I love the dance of youths by Picasso…at the centre is a dove which is Colombe in French…would be nice to get that in memory of my mom now. I also love Dance by Henri Matisse which I have a huge copy in oil a student gave me.


      1. I am going to check some prints to order and get it laminated when it arrives…probably the best thing; I tried to sketch this on my very first business cards.


  1. I’m glad your fall seems to have been a kind one — winking at and with the moon, dancing with the snow angels 🙂

    But there really is something in a starry night that makes you feel as if you’re in the presence of angels —

    Brava, Cheryl-Lynn 😀


    1. Yes, well, you know I have always had a thing for that man on the moon (winks) Ironically I fell just before crossing the street tonight in front of my place…but not on my back and not on the bed of snow:(


      1. Oh dear. I’d much rather deal with snow than with ice. With my prosthetic foot I can’t deal with it either — there’s no “flex” in the ankle — a couple of times I’ve given up and sat on the ground and just slid where I needed to go. No kidding.


  2. Ouch … how you turn a fall into a positive experience .. just read the exchange between you and J and I’m so happy that nothing was broken! Sounds like Christmas dinner will be lovely … loved your choka .. really very well done!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I am glad to see someone else mix forms. – I called mine a choka haibun 🙂
    Since it doesn’t matter if it is prose or poetry followed by a haiku.

    I’d like to think we are all in different states of ‘angelness’ –
    strangers smiling to each other on a bus, the mail carrier who puts your package at your door (not common for those of us that have our rural mail boxes at the street). And the sales clerk who is really helpful.

    Peace to you and yours my friend. ~hugs, Jules


  4. This is truly magical love this 🙂 the artists blanket wow and Ooops then the bump I presume this is what really happened as you do tend to weave poems from your reality! Simply lovely xxx


      1. Yeah, some freaky things have happened since my mom passed and I don`t like paying attrention to stuff like this but maybe I need to be a tad more mindful….twilight zone freaky music !!

        Liked by 1 person

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