White Christmas (haibun)

© Clr '14-12-11
© Clr ’14-12-11

December 23rd, the temperatures rose over 10 degrees Celsius. It was springtime weather at the end of December.  Two days of rain cleaned the streets, sullied snow banks and melted most of the snow. Makes it doubly hard for half-doubters..one of my three grandsons… to still believe but painstaking stories, Crosby’s songs and want-to-believe children makes it still happen…one more year.

grey puddles
born from melted snow
earth’s enigma


White Christmas
fairy-tales echo
crooner’s refrain

© Tournesol ’14

Carpe Diem White Christmas

41 thoughts on “White Christmas (haibun)”

      1. Oh no! I hope your pastries were ok. 🙂 I am in middle of trying to learn the game Belfort (Bellfort??), but it is maddening! We took a dinner break. We’ve been trying to play for 4 hours!!! That’s too long for a game to take up the table.


    1. Merry Christmas, Hamish, the snow helps to get through those very short days….with the sun setting at 4pm., it is so bleak…hope for some snow soon.


      1. Snow is pretty and lights up the dark days …sun sets at 4pm. now…way too early. I think I need a break and should go visit my friend in Key West sooner rather than later.

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      2. Much, much closer — but still a long, long drive.
        I think I might have to fly next time. 😀

        :-O Never been to FLA ??? :-O
        A little crowded, but there’s some very nice beaches.


      3. Cool deal, man!
        When you go down to Key West, you can visit his winter home — it’s still kept in it’s original condition, there’s still about 2 dozen cats all over the place, and it’s right next to where his favorite fighting cock is buried.


  1. We had an unusually warm winter all the way up until Wednesday night when a snow storm finally blew in. It snowed all day yesterday ( in varying amounts) and the snow is still here this morning!


    1. Oh, I must write a story about that game and how it came about. The burnt pastries were still delicious stuffed with cheese and brocoli…what is not to like…just crunchier:)


  2. Hope you had a great Christmas and Feast of St. Steven …. I liked the closing line: Crosby’s songs and want-to-believe children makes it still happen…one more year … and the haiku were lovely.


    1. Grazie, cara…the children make it all worth it, don’t they and they help maintain that spirit…we all want to believe. Big hugs to you, Georgia, it was a great feast with wonderful company. xx


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