last year (haibun)

It’s been a challenging year personally and professionally. I can’t hide behind a cloud and pretend the New Year changed that. However a new year offers opportunities to continue processing areas that need attention somewhat like housekeeping. I need to look at what I want to keep among all the dusty clutter before I can find balance in my life. That is the longest part.

Think about when you are clearing out a closet and all the things you find at the bottom way at the back. You take out a box for example, that is covered with dust; you open it and look at the contents. It brings you back many years to a moment in time. You feel the emotions good or bad; you may weep a little, you may get angry and even kick that box around…again the feelings resurface and another layer is removed. You may feel you are done with this and  trash the box or you may dust it off, put it back securely at the back of your closet for another year or so. There is no right or wrong way…but your own way.

There are good things I want to topple over to this year. New and old friends I have encountered near and far, the relationship I have with my children and grandchildren is my duvet for the cold months and stroke of soft silk in the warmer months;  my  poetry and  the past six or seven months training in Japanese poetry at Carpe Diem with our host and mentor/master Chévrefeuille, his followers who inspire me and the amazing WP community that inspire and support me.  And my amazing  colleagues who are the strength and foundation that serve youths across this country and allow me to love my work.

like a gambling debt
stays too close for comfort
last year’s loss
spilling over
like turkey leftovers
last year’s grief
a new year
good housekeeping
feng shui
last year’s haiku
shadow into the new year
time to excel
my heart beats
to the love my children,
flame of a candle

© Tournesol ’15

Carpe Diem Kozo

14 thoughts on “last year (haibun)”

  1. These are great, Cheryl-Lynn —over the years I’ve narrowed my closets more and more and more — but — the reaction to what I keep is much the same as your reaction. Loved the haiku — especially the turkey one!!!!

    All the best in 2015 — it’s going to be a BETTER year! 😀

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  2. Nice cleaning closet metaphor … and i know what you mean exactly. I loved reading your haiku … which is definitely becoming very very good … and fid it hard to choose just one!


      1. Ah … know the necessity to do something similar … on The Library I’ve just about 3080 posts .. not all haiku but a lot of those posts are either poems or haiku and I really should page them up …

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