thriving souls (haibun)

This prompt made me think of the tall golden grass in the autumn. I wonder if I could have collected some and braided it, somewhat like our autumn decorations at Thanksgiving with dried corn cobs and long braided husks.

© Clr '15
© Clr ’15

Walking in the freezing yesterday, I noticed the long golden grass had frozen as if promises for Spring were frozen in time during the cold winter months. Perhaps winter is a time to percolate ideas and spring is to put some of these into action and fruition.

As we begin a new year, the Japanese culture adorns their front doors with sacred rope to ward off evil spirits…somewhat like protecting the hibernation of treasured thoughts, hopes and prayers.

© Tumblr Shimekazari

braided rice straw
hangs at the entrance
barring evil spirits

hangs at the entrance
open to abundance
budding souls

barring evil spirits
faith in the new year
holding treasures

© Tournesol ’15

Carpe Diem Sacred Rope

32 thoughts on “thriving souls (haibun)”

    1. Haha, it is funny you ask as I was contemplating on that today and was thinking it is similar to Dreamcatchers I suppose…my son’s nightmares had stopped when I bought him one but not my daughter…hmmm but then if hibernating and percolating ideas, our mind is our treasure chest only we have the key:)


    1. I knew you would love the photo!! I thought of you when I was taking the photos too ’cause I know how you took lovely photos of long grass in the autumn:) So glad you saw it and like it:D


      1. Oh, it’s magnificent! And I’m quite envious! 🙂

        You’d have laughed at me tonight though – lying in the dead grass in the front yard taking moon photos. (Great shots — but not recommended!) 😛

        Really though — that grass is STUNNING.


      2. Oh you are such a pro, Jen! I would not go out today though, the icy sidewalks are deadly…good thing I was sick again with a migraine. Hope they put salt by tomorrow even with studs way dangerous. Did you see the post with all the photos of grass? It’s on this blog, Frozen in Time…I did that one with YOU in mind:)


      3. That is just WONDERFUL — wow — I love it — so many textures and so much sparkle. It’s GREAT!!!!

        I’m so sorry you have another migraine though. Surely there’s SOMETHING they can prescribe for you? Oh, I wish I knew how to help.


      4. I am still without a family doctor and not even on a waiting list…I may go to hospital at my next one and just sit there and cry at emerg…lol


      5. 😦

        Please, get onto that waiting list, okay? You’re worth it — you need to get some help for those migraines.


      6. How on earth can they do that? I don’t understand how this system works. o.O

        BTW did you see you have a comment at CDHK?


  1. I really enjoyed your post but that first photograph stopped me short as I didn’t understand what it was right off! What a discovery!


    1. Haha, I was alone in the parking lot at Loblaws (grocery) taking my time under the rain taking photos because I knew if I waited for another day the rain may have melted it a by then. I was amazed that the cold and ice did not affect the look of texture or the colour.


      1. No … as long as the cold and ice remains , I guess the texture and color will as well .. it’s when everything melts that they’ll look pretty bad … like with frozen roses.

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