flowers or snow (haibun)

(c) Clr '15
(c) Clr ’15

This should be fun although  I love both kigo words  snowflakes representing weather my part of the world and the sunflowers being admired by my Aussie friends….lucky Sandy, Jen and Michael, I will write on both.

Snowflakes are pretty but when they stick to your lashes and the cold wind makes my eyes weep, well, it’s a dangerous combination, that’s all I’m saying.   Tonight I walked home in the bitter cold at minus 27 C and who knows with the wind chill…I was prepared with extra warm socks in sheep skin lined boots (Saute Mouton), layers of wool sweaters under my warm coat,  Gortex glove and mittens, cagoule under pilot hat and eternity mohair scarf…but my cagoule kept slipping leaving my face exposed to the frigid air.


on my lashes blind me

slipped on ice


frostbitten cheeks

snowflakes adorn the trees

fancy a sunburn

The sky was clear tonight with the odd cloud splashed here and there on that navy canvas and I knew it was the last night to savour this full moon.  I had to take a glove off my right hand to take a few photos with my smartphone since it works only with the heat of a hand….click, click until I could no longer feel my fingers…that was my warning to head into the warmth.  It was so worth the cold hand. The moon smiling down on me was as if my mom was somewhere nearby.


This summer I hope to take more advantage of just relaxing and reading outdoors.  I tend to carry my tablet everywhere to write….but by a lake or pond would be  a nice change.  I look forward to that, and sitting a garden of daisies or sunflowers…or both!


summer read

sitting  by the pond

sunflowers grow



become a part of me

 nom de plume

(c) Tournesol’15

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7 thoughts on “flowers or snow (haibun)”

  1. Dang that’s a -16 F!
    With a school delay start for my little ones I took the opportunity to refill my bird feeder.
    The seed is on my enclosed but not heated porch.
    Just those few moments… an hour ago and I am still trying to warm up.


    1. The importance is to not have any skin exposed…as much as possible so my face is the only problem because my cagoule doesn’t fit properly…so number uno on the weekend “to buy” list.


  2. Sometimes we get a random snow storm late in the year after everything has already bloomed; snow on wild sunflowers is beautiful! Wish I’d thought to snap a picture last year to show you…


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