Mister Winter (haibun)

© Clr '15
© Clr ’15

Walking to do some errands today was challenging but with the studs under my boots, my wool socks in my lamb wool lined boots (Saute Mouton), my warm Gortex mitts, cagoule and wool hat, long wool coat I was almost perfect…my cheeks and nose were so cold…my eyes cried…the wind so cold…brrrr at -20C. Fortunately, my son tells me it will go up to -2C tomorrow…yay!! It will be a lovely day to walk to work. I think I will take the longer route if it is this mild and maybe get some shots of winter scenes.

Mister Winter
stay a spell, drink a cuppa
warm up your innards

twenty below
bitter winds burned my cheeks
drink some hot tea

exhale that warm breath of yours
make me smile up at the sky

© Tournesol ’15

9 thoughts on “Mister Winter (haibun)”

  1. I often find it hard getting my head around the temps you Canadians live in, our coldest winter day doesn’t get close to yours, even your ‘warm’ days we don’t reach. So stay rugged up Oliana.

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    1. Yes, I shall…it is not the coldest but January is usually the worse of the cold…tomorrow I shall try to find that ski mask I have yet to purchase to keep my face warm:)


  2. Hard to remember having lived in such brutal cold … and yet, those days have their beauty .. a wonderfully written haibun … keep warm dear girl, and don’t forget your ski mask!


    1. Merci ma chère! I still have not found the real ski mask but soon…it was warm for 2 days only -2 but dipped down again …so will see what is left in stores. So many stores have run out of stock.


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