Waste not (haibun)

Reading Karuna’s post on the use of plastic straws, at Living Learning and Letting Go made me think about how I behave in regards to recycling; if I am at home I will actually put a straw in the dishwasher even though I have tons in the pantry for company especially my grandson. And yet, old habit die hard I suppose since they are plastic and not paper, my grandmother never EVER wasted anything. So some habits from way back when have not died. Now that does not mean I am a model for recycling…oh no, I am not but I do try.

Wikipedia – Drinking Straw

adding to clutter

adding to clutter
plastic cups, stereo foam plates
fundraiser cocktail

non-profits host a show
Mother Nature weeps

© Tournesol ’15

We still have a long way to go. Last week we had a cocktail for a major corporate sponsor. The food was delicious but OMG, but the use of these fancy plastic miniature containers was mindboggling…at least we put them in the recycling bin…but still.

Inspired by Protecting Mother Nature from Straws

Haiku Horizons

9 thoughts on “Waste not (haibun)”

  1. I really like your haiburn about the straws. I will reprint it in the next Green Friend’s newsletter! And I enjoyed the standoff with the cat post as well…..


    1. That was the word I was looking for “The Standoff”…with the music theme of The good, the bad and the ugly ! I think I will redo it…just part of it…because that is what I was experiencing in my mind:) I am honoured you want to print it in your Green Friend’s newsletter:) thanks!

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  2. My older sister told me that she cried the first time she had to throw away a shoe box when she was in basic training instead of keeping it to be used again.


  3. I enjoyed your set of poems. There must be some balance between saving for re-use and clutter. My son washed his wooden toothpicks and saved them. But I threw them out. 🙂


  4. It really is incredible the amount of useless recyclable trash we create! Our city council promotes recyclable “plastic” glasses and utensils … I’m sure they probably aren’t cheap but companies could go that one step further when they are going to produce so much after waste.

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