soothing grief (haibun)

(c) Clr '15 rumbling slumber
(c) Clr ’15 rumbling slumber

I just started reading Put your Lips Together by Hamish ‘Managua’ Gunn on my day off and sleepiness seems to take over me yet my mind won’t shut off…and so I quickly transferred those intruding thoughts to my keyboard,  so I could go back to nothingness and passively pass the rest of my day off.

My mind’s entranced by words I read. It’s nice to wander to nowhere lands. But soon I feel a heaviness… I am too sleepy to read … I rest my head on velvet softness. Such a quandary since I must read to stop the thoughts exhausting me. I hang onto words from a new writer’s thoughts; his thoughts are motivating and let me to travel to places I’ve never been; ah yes, I remember one that I’d been long long ago in Aberdeen. Memories flood my soul as I drift in and out of alpha waves. IlLike riding the waves; I am so light …no featherlike, the sea transports me to islands where fishing is the only means of survival.

My eyes are heavy but my mind will not sleep. STOP!! I just want the mind to dull…be rid of any thoughts for a few moments…no contemplations, please, some respite, I implore.

I love to write but writing unlocks the dam of thoughts that gush forth so strong at times I can’t decipher good from bad, hell from heaven and so I read when my eyes can stay open to escape…And travel in the minds and thoughts of other writers so easier to take those words. They do not rush in tsunamis but more like streams of honey and melted butter. Small increments at a time …tiny palatable morsels. The perfect balance to satiate a hungry reader.


laced in warm abode

melting lyrics


slumber meets me

I am compliant

silly putty


notions flutter

buzzing me to wakefulness

grief settles


grief settles

bleeds in every crevice

holds me hostage.

(c) Tournesol ’15

4 thoughts on “soothing grief (haibun)”

    1. Thanks Janice, it is a bit of a soulful day or week which reflects in my writing I think. I find comfort in this release. Thanks so much for reading and your kind comments:)


  1. Oh my goodness – amazed. I hope you did not buy it. I cannot remember at all if I sent, but was too embarrassed to make a deal of it – though now am embarrassed if you bought it. The other book written is certainly offered if wanted later – a very different genre, but with a link, and unfortunately much longer.
    Your writing here is a feather itself. You really do excel at haibun, and it is such a lovely style of writing. You seem to be able to capture unnoticed moments and turn them into little pearls. Sorry did not get to this before – am going backwards to people’s work. Was such an honour reading what you wrote.


    1. I did pay for it to put on my Kobo…but it only cost $5.00, thanks so much for your encouraging words about my post, Hamish. I truly appreciate it 🙂


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