Retrouvaille (haibun)


At Carpe Diem we are given a beautiful painting by Van Gogh where the artist spent his last years. Our host, Chèvrefeuille chose House of Auvers for our inspiration to write a haiku. It is an image that one can relate to in many ways.  See more information at Carpe Diem – House (au Auvers)


Since the industrial revolution, so many “home visits” have been postponed until spring or summertime. In many parts here in the Montreal area and suburbs,  that is mainly due to the weather and icy roads. I used to work for a steel company who gave their employees a 4-day weekend at Easter so many could drive down to Gaspé for instance,  to visit their family; most of these families had moved here for work but their hearts were still back home.

village réanimé  
retrouvaille familiale
cries des goélands


emerging village
family reunions
gulls shriek

© Tournesol ’15

17 thoughts on “Retrouvaille (haibun)

    • Yes, that area is actually a huge tourist area now…thank goodness for aside from fishing and summer tourist, not much to add to their economy. My son goes every summer.


  1. A snippet of North American one sees in some films, of that mussy, snowy industrial heartland – in the film definitely part of the drama in my eyes – so your haibun came across a very real to me.


    • Thank you, cara, I chose a part of Québec that is known for its beauty and caring people…My son has been visiting for over 10 years each summer…that’s when I have a chance to babysit the girls , 2 dogs and a cat:)


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