Love in ten lines (free verse – haiku)

This effort to be gently guided by the rules below. Jazzy at Thoughts & Entanglements thought it might be fun. Of course, there are nominees. And yes, I asking you to jump on board with this fun challenge. Of course if you do decide to participate it has to be fun, not a chore…

Write about love using only 10 lines.
Use “love” in every line.
Each line can only be 4 words long.
Nominate 10 or so others who are up for the challenge.
Let them know about the challenge.
Title the post, Love in Ten Lines
Include a quote about love (i choose to affix my own)

love can be painful
life sans love wounds
lovers love sundry ways
lustful love is hot
passionate love can grow
fire in love sizzles
love endures many hardships
challenges make love grow
long-term love is sweet
child`s love a treat

(haiku) (Quote)

compassionate love
sustains humans worldwide
feeds on kindness

(c) Tournesol ’15

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on cloud nine (haiku)

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My daughter loaned me her car for the weekend. It was a bit of a surprise to have such huge wet snowflakes though in such mild weather but by noon the sun was shining and it was glorious.

I had not driven on the highway in over six months. I was so unused to driving and usually I like to speed on spring highways, but this morning, I drove calmly and leisurely. I hardly noticed cars passing me. I listened to music and just enjoyed the drive. The further I drove, I reached more country and even farm houses and barns looked beautiful.

snowflakes dust my path
driving on the highway
melt in puddles

mid-day sun
more than smiles
sunbeams make my day

driving… on cloud nine
daydream like a silly teen
springtime in the air

(c) Tournesol ’15

The last token (haibun)

They spent March break at Mont Tremblant, skiing, skating and eating way too much. Her mother and step-father wanted to reward her for working so hard all year. Her marks had gone from C’s to A’s. Annie-Pierre had not skied since her father died of a heart attack on their Christmas vacation at Mont Ste Anne. He had started when she was ten years old, giving her a special marble each Christmas representing places they visited together. She had 5 now but was missing the very last one he gave her that Christmas. When paramedics arrived, she had run out to the ambulance begging to be with her father and she had dropped her last Christmas token he would ever give her.


last travel keepsake
crafted with sparkle and glass
lost forever

(c) Tournesol ’15

Written for MindLoveMiserysMenagerie Photo Challenge

paralyzed in pain (haibun)

Everyone had left for school. The hush in the house was deafening. Edwina lay in her bed, swimming in her tormented pain.  Soon she would have to get up. Her eyes looked to her right on the bedside table at the clock. It was 7:45 and she had to be at work at noon.  How would she make it on time?  Would she even try this time?  She closed her eyes tightly, annoyed that she had not improved over the months.  All the weeks of therapy, medication…nothing seemed to get her out of this “bain de torture”.


annoyed with self
wades in blistering pain
still awaits the hush

If she did not move any part of her body, breathed lightly and slowly, she might not hear her heart pounding in her ears.  It was all in her head, they all said. There was no reason to feel tormented with what no one can see.  There is no evidence that she feels what she feels. No proof of the sounds she hears. If only someone could possess her whole being, for one split second, they would surely jump out of her skin, she thought.



lays in wait
tremors stir inside her soul
grisly scream endures
tormenting thru and thru
‘til long  desired hush

© Tournesol ’15

annoyed * hushed * pain

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